used van

Precaution to Take Purchasing Used Van

Around millions of second-hand vans vary hands each year, many of them through private sales. Selling the van in private can bring you in contact with the scammers who are acting as prospective buyers. Buying a van is a stirring experience, definitely, but it can carry loads of hassle, as well, especially when it comes […]

Golden Line All Counter Phone Number

Dhaka Faridpur Golden Line Counter

Dhaka-Faridpur-Dhaka AC Bus Golden Line Ticket Counter Phone Number If you need an online ticket for Dhaka-Faridpur-Dhaka route, you should choose Golden Line Paribahan. Golden Line Paribahan is in partnership with Azmiri Enterprise. Recently in Eid Season, I need to go to Faridpur from Dhaka. I was a little bit frustrated finding the AC bus […]

Wrong Fluid in Car

How could I know that I had wrong fluid in my car?

Try to protect yourself on time by the damages of wrong filling in your vehicle When it involves vehicles, a huge number of people is comparatively uninformed. On the far side the essential maintenance tips everybody learns as a part of driving, a lot of other complicated matters are on the far side of them. How to get over by the bad situation of wrong fluid in the car? However, many people arrange to take […]