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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating and Different Kinds of It

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Find out why ceramic covering is good for your car. Find out about the different types of ceramic treatments and how they can protect the paint on your car and make it look better.

It’s everyone’s dream to have a beautiful car, irrespective of whether it is an expensive one or not. Everyone thinks of their version of the best car and buys it for themselves and their family. Many precautions are taken; the car is their baby in the beginning few months. You agree with it, don’t you? You will be very careful and not let even small damage happen to your car. You tend to wash your car every day at the earlier stage of the car being new. Slowly, you tend to become lazy and do not care as much as you did before.

Did you know you need a protective layer on the car? Did you know your daily cleaning process might harm your car in the long run? Is there a solution to this?

Is there a coating that will protect the car from everything? The answer is yes.

Ceramic Coating and its Benefits

Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer applied to the vehicle’s exterior layer. The coating bonds with the factory paint on the vehicle chemically and forms a protective coating to provide car paint protection. This coating creates a permanent or semi-permanent bond with the vehicle’s paint leading it not to wash away or break down; it also does not need to be applied repeatedly for a few months.


Ceramic Coating
  • UV protectionIf you tend to park your vehicle longer under the sun, this ceramic coating will help protect your car from the permanent damage of faded paint. The ceramic coating easily repels water and other substances to protect the vehicle from rust or damage.
  • Protection from chemical stains the ceramic coat helps protect the car from other chemicals to bond with the paint and cause damage. The vehicle will be more resistant to stains or etching, provided the chemical is removed on time.
  • Easy to clean As you know, ceramic coating is hydrophobic or repellent to water, but you didn’t know it’s repellent to mud, grime, or dust. These contaminants will be easily removed without much effort.
  • Enhanced GlossA ceramic coating gives the vehicle a higher value. This coating enhances the paint and gives it depth and clarity.
  • It’s more than a waxy coating- Many of you must have given your car a wax coating now and then. But do you know that the ceramic coat gives the same kind of protection and gives more protection? It stays on longer than the wax coat on the car.
  • Will Look New for Longer Period Do you remember how your car looked when it was new? It was shiny, glossy, and sparkled in the light, right? The ceramic coating will help you preserve the car’s newness for longer.
  • It’s worth the price – You might think this coating is a bit more expensive than the wax coating, but the protection that comes with the car is worth the price. This coating helps protect the car from much greater damages than are even more expensive than the coating.

Different kinds of coating for the car

Not everyone likes to spend so much on ceramic coating. They might think of getting a coating that is less expensive but does the work of the ceramic coating. Many kinds of coating for the car give a different result than the ceramic. Let’s spread light to these kinds of coating.

  • TeflonThis is also known as Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene, a synthetic fluoropolymer. This differs from what you find on cookware like non-stick pans etc.; The automotive Teflon coating is affordable for those keen on protecting their four-wheelers.

This coating usually lasts six to eight months. The Teflon coating protects your car from swirl marks and scuffs. This coating protects you from road chips, tar, rust, corrosion, and environmental impacts. This coating is a protective layer and doesn’t bond with the vehicle paint like the ceramic. This adds a sheen, glossy look to the surface of the car.

The only drawback of this coating is its durability, which easily wears off if the detergent’s PH level is too harsh.

  • Paint Protection FilmThis is a high-quality thermoplastic urethane film that is transparent or colored. This film is applied on top of the paint. The surprising part of the PPF is that it has self-healing properties, meaning the car lamination can heal itself from scratches. A substance called elastomeric polymeric helps it retain its shape. You cannot DIY this film, and you need professional assistance. A good quality one used for car lamination can last up to ten years. Even though this is expensive, the merits of this product will make you feel happy to have spent that amount. Just imagine a scratchless car. You don’t have to worry at all.
  • Glass Coating This type of coating is further divided into two different types. One is Quartz Silane, and the other one is Silica. Quartz Silane is an expensive one because of its manufacturing process, durability, and giving the vehicle a shinier coat. In contrast, Silica is much cheaper and less durable. The glass coating doesn’t consist of glass, it’s mostly Silica.

Compared with ceramic coating, glass coating provides a strong, protective surface that protects the vehicle from damage.

The ceramic coating needs heat to bond with the car’s factory paint, while the glass coating bonds immediately upon application.            

  • Paint Coating This coating is a second layer of paint coat on the car. These coats of paint are not like car wax or paint sealants. Instead, they are much thinner in velocity, like water. The biggest advantage of this coating is its longevity compared to a normal wax coating. The paint coating lasts twelve to twenty-four months, while a normal wax coating lasts only one to four months. The only downside of this coating is the cost it.
  • Nano Ceramic Coating No one wants their car damaged by bird droppings, stone chips, UV rays, Acid Rains, Dust, and Swirl marks. The ceramic coating forms a layer of nanoparticles on the paint, which protects the car’s paint and shine. Nanoceramics can last for more than five years if it’s good quality. The ceramic coating protects the car’s interior and exterior. The resale value of your car increases because of the Nanoceramic coating. This coating helps maintain the showroom’s shine for a longer time.

Take Away

You will always want the best for your car but need it at an affordable price. But sometimes, you tend to spend more than expected on your car, and later you learn that you were being fooled to rob you of your money. Yes, it may happen to you. So this blog will help you decide what is best for your car and how much you might need to spend to not lose out on anything. We hope you learned everything about ceramic coating and its uses and realize its importance to your car.

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