What Keeps Tech Talent Around

tech guy

Technology companies have higher demands each year, and society is only moving to include more tech innovations. With this, the need for tech professionals only grows. But the right tech talent is scarce, so employers have to find ways to keep them. The tech industry is one of the most …

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6 Ways to Turn your Hobbies into High Paying Jobs


“Do what you love and love what you do” is the most popular and common adage nowadays! The young generation with extra energy oozing out every day is now moving towards following their passion. Gone are the days when others used to decide their career options. But the question arises, …

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Making a move from Saving to Investing: A Wakeup Call

Saving to Investing

Millennials are quite a different generation. It appears as though this generation is doing everything differently. The fact is that most Millennials can’t afford to make any serious investments. These include even the housing market investments. The state of the overall world economy made this generation prone to frequent job …

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7 Incredible ways to Sell Your Photos Online

sell photos

As a photographer, nothing can be more endearing than a person, complimenting your eye for taking stunning pictures. A few of them may compliment your work once in a blue moon, while others might keenly follow you religiously. Along with these two, there is a third group of people that …

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5 Secrets for Freelancers to Enjoy Their Work More


Today, many people prefer to work at home, doing remote freelance work. The common problem that freelancers usually face is a serious motivation issue. First dreams of independence turn out in a turmoil of questions on how to control work in a relaxed home atmosphere and work efficiently, without being …

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5 ways to make passive income online


Passive income is a great and useful technique of earning that needs a proper way of work and monetary investment to begin. Once it has moved to profits, the income source needs little efforts to maintain works. To uphold passive income, you should generate good quality contents or niche work. …

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