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Children’s bank card: how to get

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Modern parents know all the advantages of such a tool as a children’s bank card. How to get it is also a topical question, to which WestStein financial service will be happy to answer. Professionals note that a bank card for a child is often an additional virtual and/or real “plastic” that is tied to an adult (mother or father) account. Thanks to him, guardians can remotely perceive the finances of the younger relatives of the family and control their expenses.


In turn, the WestStein prepaid card is a great tool for making purchases both online and offline. On such “plastics” there is no overdraft part, that is, you will never go into the red. Using the card is extremely simple, it is enough to replenish it with certain amounts and spend them freely. In addition, thanks to convenient and understandable Internet banking, you can manage all financial transactions and even receive receipts, for example, by e-mail.

Why do you need a bank card for children?

Agree that it is the parents who bring up the child with his first difficulty. Along with learning to count and write, according to experts in the banking industry, forms of financial literacy should be mastered. Young family members need to understand that money does not come from thin air, and also need to have an idea of ​​how much their desires, such as toys or gadgets, cost.

Children’s bank cards from 14 years old allow them not only to control expenses but also to save money, which gives an idea of ​​savings and how to accumulate funds. In addition, parents can turn money transfers at any time if it is permissible to forget to give pocket money to the child.

An important anxiety disorder is also the safety of the baby. Virtual money is definitely not bought by school bullies, and it’s harder to lose it. If the card is lost, the account is easily blocked, and you received funds on another card.

How to order a Mastercard prepaid card?

To get “plastic” from WestStein, it is enough to register and verify on our official website. In addition to the account, several cards may be allocated, often contained within the family. A virtual debit card, in turn, allows you to use a plastic carrier, thanks to the Google Pay and Apple Pay systems, the card will be accepted in any storage device that has a POS terminal.

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