Best Security Features of Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches

Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series
Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series
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Cisco Catalyst WS-C2960-24pc-L switches are designed in a way so that they can provide a better-optimized experience for the use of applications. These switches are also famous for giving its users perfect application control and visibility and intelligent traffic management to prioritize their business-critical traffic over any other recreational traffic.

Security Features

The Cisco Catalyst switches enable access to a network that sees everything. This refers to the height of security that Cisco Catalyst switches can provide to the users or customers, including specific embedded security features that help control who gets on the network and exactly when they get on the system.

Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series
Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series

These high-quality security features also include operational software that helps detect security attacks just as they happen, including the security policies that need to be enforced through the network in response to those attacks. Also, many competitors might bring on the fact that their innovative switches also bring these features.

But what makes Cisco Catalyst 2960 series switches so different from them is that their features or functions are much more advanced. The Catalyst switches provide 400X faster detection of threats from up to 100+ days to 6 hours.

They help in generating a 140% return on any investment by containing threats as quickly as possible. They also offer the best security features and provide capabilities needed to digitize the audio with your network and improve the overall quality of user experience.

The Catalyst 2960 series switches are built for better workspace required for competitive and efficient working skills. These switches also come with efficient energy management that cuts off any additional costs providing a much more affordable and reasonably priced network access and the power over Ethernet access.

Customers can easily power the wireless access point and their IP phones using these catalyst switches resulting in a simplified cabling structure and extra energy costs. Not only this, but the Cisco innovation offers quiet and fans fewer models that are optimized for providing a better working experience in open workspaces.

So, they improve the overall productivity and customer experience and increase the overall revenue made by any business that uses these switches. Moreover, they enhance collaboration by simplifying intelligence technology and saving energy costs of up to 60%.

Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switches Workplace and Series Routers

The Catalyst 2960 series routers and switches provide various services and function-specific for conventional branches, offices, infrastructure networks, workspaces, and medium-sized deployments.

This series switch offers forwarding bandwidths that reach up to 100-108 Gigabyte every second (Gbps) and switching bandwidth, a full-duplex that goes up to 216 Gigabyte every second (Gbps).

Several sub-series are included in the series; for example, Cisco 2960X, 2960L, the 2960S, 2960XR, and Cisco 2960+. These switches come with layer two, which provides overall improved sustainability, borderless networking user experience, enhanced ease of use, and highly secure business operations.

Including all the features described above, the catalyst 2960 series switches include the latest and most advanced stacking capability called the FlexStack with one and ten Gigabit connectivity.

Not only this, but this series has the new power over Ethernet flush, which is also in short called PoE+, which offers fast PoE capabilities and Ethernet connectivity access. Cisco Catalyst 2960 series switches have fixed-configuration switches that are mainly designed for branch offices’, Enterprise, and mid-market networks to give them lower total costs of ownership.

Most Famous Features of Catalyst 2960 Series Switches

The Cisco WS C2960 24pc L switches have 1 and 10 gigabit Ethernet flexibility or uplink that come with SFP+ or small form-factor pluggable plus. This helps provide a unique continuation to business and fast transactions that are equally necessary to reach 10 gigabit Ethernet.

The series of switches also come with 24 to 48 ports of exceptional gigabit desktop connectivity that helps in providing a frame valuable Ethernet facility is much needed for a company or a business that is seeking a very complicated networking solution.

They are also incredibly easy to use because of the FlexStack module system with a 20 Gbps that comes with high throughput. The plus point of having this is that it allows an incredible range of operations with simplified and single switch upgrade and configuration.

Lastly, as mentioned above, this series comes with power over the Ethernet + support system that allows the users to support PoE+ capable devices because it has PoE+ of about 30W for each port. The power supply options vary from 370W or 740W fixed power supplies with already available PoE+ switches.

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