How to Keep Your Conveyor Belt on Track

Conveyor Belt on Track
Conveyor Belt on Track
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Conveyors are a quintessential piece of machinery in various industrial facilities. They are crucial for the transport of a large number of products during processing and production. Both light and heavy materials can be transported with the help of a well-set-up conveyor belt system.

Like any other piece of machinery, conveyors need to be maintained and taken care of to prevent breakdowns. This is especially true of its more delicate parts, like the conveyor belt. For the continued efficient use of a conveyor, the conveyor belt must be set up and maintained according to guidelines. Some of the more important aspects of conveyor safety and maintenance are listed below.


Pick the right kind of conveyor

It’s better to prevent damage than to patch things up as they break down. To start with, the best way to prevent problems with a conveyor belt is to pick the right type of conveyor system to work with. Not every conveyor is suitable for every type of product or facility, which is why you need to be careful with your choices.

Consider the weight and shape of your products and the materials that they are made out of. If you need to sort metals from non-metals, a metal detection feature is a must. If the products tend to be on the heavier side, you’ll need a much stronger conveyor. A rule of thumb is to pick a conveyor that is tough enough to handle quite a bit more than you stack on top of it, just in case.

Keep the belt clean

A clean conveyor belt is a prerequisite for good conveyor maintenance. This is something that rarely slips by the attention of managers. There are strict regulations for conveyor cleanliness, especially in industries that handle food and food packaging. However, the underside of the conveyor belt is often left untouched, which can cause problems with the mechanism.

It’s important that the underside of the conveyor belt is cleaned from dirt and grime, as any debris can cause it to slip and misalign. Some by-products are more abrasive than others, making this even more crucial. Conveyor belts used in power generation, coal and ore mining, and quarry applications are especially vulnerable to damage from leftover debris. Utilize a conveyor belt cleaner on both sides of the belt, so that it remains clean and stable throughout transport.

Another great idea would be to invest in a conveyor with easy-clean components. It’s a lot easier to deal with debris if you have a belt-scrapper or CIP system available.

Inspect bearings

The conveyor is only as tough as its weakest bearing, so keep that in mind. Without a tough construction, there will always be a risk of the conveyor collapsing or breaking down. Conveyor bearings need to be made strong and adequately secured to function properly. This means you’ll have to shift your focus to the bearings and make them stable enough to handle any heavy load on the conveyor belt.

Inspect the bearings regularly for signs of damage or weakness. Even slight damage can quickly exacerbate problems with the conveyor and cause failure. Lubrication is a key part of bearing maintenance. They should be lubricated as soon as staff note that they are dry and cause friction. To avoid any mishaps, make sure you assign someone to check the bearings from time to time, especially during busy days. While lubrication is important for the conveyor itself, it should never come into contact with the belt. This can damage it and cause tearing.


Keeping your conveyor belt functioning is a task that requires constant vigilance and regular maintenance. Conveyors take a lot of damage throughout their application, which means you need to be extra careful with how you handle them. With the right choice of conveyor and cleaning methods, you should be able to keep your conveyor belt working for quite a while.

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