How to Create a Stylish Bathroom on a Budget?

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Bathroom decoration is one of the most controversial projects that you could possibly get engaged in. Why? Well, first of all, because while it’s something that gives your home the biggest resale value boost, it’s also quite expensive to pull off. Redoing your plumbing system, installing tiles all across the place, investing in the ventilation system and even replacing some of the fixtures tends to be quite expensive.

How to Create a Stylish Bathroom on a Budget?

This is why it’s fairly hard to do something impactful on a budget. Now, you need to keep in mind that the phrase fairly hard doesn’t mean impossible and there are quite a few tricks you need to consider in order to create a stylish bathroom on a budget. Let’s check this out!

1. Layer lighting

The first visual improvement that you can introduce while still staying on the budget is investing in your lighting system. What this means is that you need to rethink and reinvent this situation so that it A) gives you enough light for tasks such as shaving and applying make-up, while still providing an intimate ambiance of rest and relaxation. The best way to do this is with the help of layer lighting. When you come to think about it, your bathroom probably already has a similar system. The light around the vanity and the main fixture are different light sources that provide you with enough light to sustain all your needs.

Layer lighting bathroom

Keep in mind, nonetheless, that if you want the budget-friendliness to be a high priority, you might want to go for LED. Sure, LED fixtures and bulbs are somewhat more expensive than traditional incandescent ones but they’re not so much expensive that they would break the budget. Also, keep in mind that these bulbs produce the same amount of light with merely a fraction of power used, as well as the fact that they last 25 to 50 times longer than their incandescent counterparts. As for the stylish options when it comes to picking the lighting itself, the number of options is limitless.

2. Fixing or replacing your toilet

When it comes to the choice of your bathroom fixtures, the toilet is the one that comes to the forefront. Here, nonetheless, you have so many different options. Naturally, going for a low-flow toilet would be the most cost-effective thing to do, however, it’s also the most expensive one. Instead, you might want to fix your toilet setting a bit, either by purchasing parts online and then replacing them. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to find toilet suits online but by simply replacing an S-trap setout or a push-button place, you can already create an impression of a new toilet.

replacing your toilet

For those who are interested in getting the new look for the toilet without getting a new one, cleaning it and getting a new seat might get you one step closer to this. Provided that someone in your household or a friend who is a frequent visitor is a person with a disability, investing in an assist disabled toilet might be a great idea. If it’s someone who’s often around, this investment might be a necessity regardless of the cost.

3. Go green

One of the most accurate ways to describe your bathroom would be to say that it’s a moist and humid place. Sadly, this is not often a set of attributes that describes a pleasant atmosphere, yet, there are some house plants that might beg to disagree. By decorating the place with indoor plants, you can freshen up the air, provide the place with a visual boost and even turn it into a proper indoor oasis. Best of it all is the fact that you can do this on a budget.

go green toilet

As far as the list of suitable plants goes, the spider plant, bamboo or orchid are all great choices. Other than this peace lily and Boston Fern seem to be just as great for these conditions. For those who want to go with something a tad more traditional, Aloe Vera is a no-brainer. The very last thing you need to take into consideration is the fact that you don’t have to go with old-school potted plants in order to make this thing work. One of the most interesting and the most innovative options is to go with a moss floor mat, which would live and thrive off the moisture that drips off your body as you step out of the shower.

4. Handle your storage

One of the best ways to make your bathroom more stylish is to invest in its organization, now, getting there is relatively easy if you address it through the issue of bathroom storage. Even the tiniest bathroom has so much space that isn’t properly utilized, ranging from wall racks and baskets to the ceiling storage. What matters here the most is the choice of materials and safe distance of electrical appliances (hair-dryer, for instance) from the water fixtures (bathtub, faucet, etc.). Due to the fact that the layout of each bathroom is completely different, you might have to deliver your own solution to this problem.

storage in bathroom

With the use of tiny buckets (or even jars) that you hang on the wall, you can organize suitable storage spaces for your makeup, toothpaste, and brushes, as well as a number of other tiny objects that need to be at hand. The advantage of this, when comparing it to the vanity drawers, lies in the fact that these items are more accessible, as well as the fact that their location is visually transparent. This means that different containers, shapes, and colors of these items may contribute to the overall décor of the place. In other words, instead of being something that you’re trying to hide or seal off, you can use these items in order to display the full utility of your storage.

5. Work with what you’ve got

Installing new elements in your bathroom is the simplest, the most direct way to give it a boost. The problem with this approach, nonetheless, comes from the fact that it’s also the most expensive one. So, in order to save money, you need to work with what you’ve got. You see, instead of planning to replace your entire shower, you can just get a new curtain and completely change the visuals of the area this way. As far as the functionality goes, you can just replace the showerhead for a larger one, the one that’s differently shaped or the one that’s low-flow.

As far as some of the storage elements that you’ve got there, you could try restoring them by reapplying the paint and finishing or by using sandpaper on them in order to even all the surfaces. Either way, this will not only improve the way your bathroom looks but also increase your overall satisfaction with the situation at hand. Also, this way you’ll develop a habit of being more self-dependent, which is definitely a huge plus.

In conclusion

There are so many benefits to knowing how to innovate on a budget. For instance, by saving money on details, you can use the surplus on resources on innovation elements that truly matter. Second, you get the privilege of improving your bathroom more regularly, which means that you have an easier time tracking changes and popular styles. The very last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that by exercising frugal behavior here, you’ll learn how to do so in other areas, as well. It’s a win-win scenario, regardless of how you decide to look at it.

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