Seven Tips to Take Care of The Health of Your Eyes on A Daily Basis

Eye Care
Eye Care
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The human being is a predominantly visual animal. Even so, these organs are one of the most delicate parts of our body. A single blow, infection or eye problem can be catastrophic.

In reality, most serious eye diseases cannot be easily prevented. However, that does not mean that we cannot take certain care to maintain adequate eye health. Here are some notes about it.

First of all: serious problems cannot be avoided

In order to speak properly, it is important that we are not deceived: as they explained, long ago, in an informative project on optics and optometry, real eye problems cannot be solved with habits.

Cataracts, eyestrain, macular degeneration or glaucoma are largely independent of visual effort, or the care we take. With the exception of glaucoma, which can improve its prognosis with early diagnosis, there is no way to prevent its damage.

Eye Problem

I have eye twitches: what are they, why do they occur and how can I relieve them?

That said, we can avoid other problems such as injuries, conjunctivitis and other daily issues, something that will help our health, although it will not prevent a serious problem. This is because its origin is physiological and is determined by factors that are beyond our control.

Seven tips to take care of our eyes

Having said all the above, God Service Eye Clinic describe set of tips that we can take into account for our daily lives not fall on deaf ears. These will help us ensure the immediate health of the eyes, as well as live more comfortably and better.

Be careful with dryness

Probably the biggest problem we face with our eyes is dryness. The eyeballs are exposed to air, dust, smoke and a host of external agents. The result (one of many) is dry eyes.

Dry eyes can be annoying or open the door to infection. In any case, the best way to prevent it is to rest your eyes, blink a lot, stay hydrated and, if necessary, use eye drops. Not all of them are valid or positive. We will have to look for what we need. Normally, an “artificial tear” will suffice.

Protect your eye from foreign bodies

It seems obvious, but it is surprising how many injuries a speck of dust or a small splinter can cause. Especially when they come in with force. The most immediate thing is to seek assistance to remove it safely since it could cause a tear inside the eye.

Eye Protection

To avoid this, it is essential to wear protective glasses in work environments. It is also advisable to wear sunglasses or similar on windy days, although there is little we can do with the smoke. In general, care against foreign bodies is very important, and also easy to carry out.

If you practice sports, keep this in mind

A single blow, especially a sharp one, is enough to ruin an eye. Although the bones of the skull are intended to take care of the eyeball, the truth is that we must take special care when we play sports, especially if it is contact, but also with ball sports.

The dangers can range from a retinal detachment to a section or burst eye that could end in a total loss. How do we protect ourselves? In the case of the gym, avoiding sudden head movements and blows. When swimming, it is important to avoid constant contact with chlorine and other products that can be harmful.

If we practice contact or ball sports, glasses could help us avoid misfortune. In the case of snow sports, excess radiation, due to reflection, could cause problems, so it is advisable to wear sunglasses.

Let’s avoid visual fatigue

The second great enemy that we encounter in our daily lives is visual fatigue. This occurs as a result of eye muscle fatigue, whose conformation is that of a precision machine. In order to combat visual fatigue we only have to rest our eyes from time to time, avoid prolonged close viewing, which causes greater work on the eye, and avoid sustained effort.


And we’re not just talking about the view: rest. Sleep. Sleep is necessary to maintain good eye health and sensation. If we do not rest well we will be more likely to suffer from visual fatigue and other similar problems. Sleeping an adequate number of hours will help us prevent this from happening, among many other things.

Maintain good visual hygiene

To avoid the vast majority of problems described, it is advisable to have good visual hygiene. What does that mean? For example, it is good to maintain correct lighting, which does not force us to focus by straining our eyes; we maintain proper posture since back muscle fatigue can cause visual fatigue; and we pause from time to time, allowing the eye to relax, every one or two hours at most.

Maintain Visual Hygiene

With this visual hygiene, we can largely avoid the fatigue we were talking about. It is not necessary, nor advisable, to wear glasses “for visual fatigue”, or anything like that. Basic vision problems are solved with good visual hygiene.

Take care of your diet

For the correct functioning of the eye, it is necessary to have some nutrients such as vitamin A, group B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and essential fatty acids …

Without these elements, ocular tissues cannot be adequately maintained, something essential in maintaining ocular health. A deficiency in any of them can trigger serious vision problems, although they usually begin with fatigue and other minor manifestations.

The sight does not wear out

As a corollary, it is essential to highlight that sight does not actually wear out. We cannot avoid eye diseases because, in reality, they are not a consequence of our behaviour. Diseases such as macular degeneration, myopia, glaucoma are not avoidable.

The act of straining your eyesight, as far as scientific evidence exists, is not related to a greater probability of suffering from an eye disease, for example. We insist that this does not mean that it is not necessary to maintain good visual hygiene, but it is important to be aware of how far our efforts will help us.

Eye Care with United Healthcare

At United Healthcare, they realize the value of keeping good vision and overall health. That is why they provide a wide range of eye care services suited to your requirements. They serve care for every patient. They supply routine eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses.

United Healthcare of Eye

Their customisable plans allow you to select the best choice for your budget and vision needs. But they do not stop at the fundamentals. They are always trying to serve their best. United Healthcare goes above and beyond, offering prospective reductions on LASIK surgery and prescription eyewear. They use high-quality equipment. Everyone deserves access to high-quality eye care, and is dedicated to making it more accessible.

Make your eye health a priority today. Discover everything United Healthcare offers and take the first step to improving vision and overall health. If you have to face any problem, arrive on time.


In conclusion, you should not avoid serious eye problems. You have to check your eyes every six months. Protecting our eyes from dryness, keeping them safe during sports, countering visual tiredness, and practicing excellent visual hygiene can all help to lower the likelihood of minor problems.

That enhances our overall eye health. United Healthcare provides routine examinations, glasses, contact lenses, and discounts on LASIK surgery and prescription eyeglasses. Allowing us to take proactive actions to improve our vision and overall health. Let’s focus on eye health today and consider our options for a brighter tomorrow.

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