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Is Oil Good for Your Children

Is Oil Good for Your Children? Why and Why not?

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The skin of the children become dry and wrinkled in winter. Skin of children is very delicate. For that reason, the first choice for taking care of the baby is oil. But there are lots of controversial theory for choosing the best oil for your baby. Still, the doctors are in a dilemma whether the oil is good or bad for your baby.

Is Oil Good for Your Children?

Is Oil Good for Your Children
Is Oil Good for Your Children

In recent research, scientists found that oil does more harm than benefit to the neonate. Scientists have shown; the skin who does not use the oil has more strength than who does. The reason behind it there is a small layer of fat beneath the skin of every child. But if you use to oil the layer of fat does not grow in an insufficient amount so the fat cannot insulate the body. Moreover, they get susceptible to infection of various fungus and bacterial infection.

You can use oil up to the children between 4 to 12 years. But if you want to use a good quality oil to use to open oil. You should use a good company oil which is contained in a container.  This oil got a very low probability to cause allergy because it is highly refined. Using mustard oil is not a good idea for your children. Because mustard oil is very sticky and it can stick the dust to the body. So it can occlude the pore of the skin, and eventually they skin can be infected.

It will be good if we use linoleic acid containing oil. Linoleic acid contains some essential fatty acid which is essential for the skin structure building. It is more abundant in sunflower oil. But who got Eczema it’s better to not use the linoleic acid containing oil. But if you want to find the best baby oil, definitely you will look for linoleic acid containing oil.

Some parents prefer to use oil for massaging the baby. Some parents prefer to use all before bathing. It is not bad. But before going outside it is not good to use oil on the baby’s skin. The baby who got very dry skin should not use oil because oil does harm rather than benefiting. If you consider this winter how you take care of your baby or how you take care of the skin of the baby, Vaseline will be a good alternative of all. You can also use baby lotion for your skin safety of your baby.

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