Landscaping Commercial Property

The Importance and Benefits of Landscaping Commercial Property

Landscaping of any property has always been an integral part of its overall appeal. Landscaping isn’t done just in households; commercial properties invest a significant amount of time and money into unique and memorable landscaping outside their buildings. If you want to know which benefits your commercial property can gain from it, here are several reasons.

Landscaping Commercial Property

Physical Health Benefits for Workers

It’s a proven fact that the very look at greenery or a tree from a window reduces the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. You don’t have to walk through the forest to decrease your blood pressure; a simple glance at a plant in your office or at the tree outside the window will do that.

Workers also reported they feel more satisfaction at work, but it goes further. Having the opportunity to spend time outside surrounded by greenery can reduce inflammation in the body, which then eases symptoms of various diseases.

Support Sustainability in Your Community

You can easily gain favor in your community if you take an eco-friendly, sustainable approach. The very creation of green space on your commercial property will do much good for the environment. First, it will filter dust and pollution from the air. It also lowers the temperature in the area by providing shade. In other words, it influences the micro-climate around the building by 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Consequently, the building will have to be cooled and warmed less, reducing your energy bills. Rainfall retention is also possible in this case. There is even a possibility for the green area to reduce erosion into waterways.

So, go and plant native plants and trees on your property. Next, rebuilt your parking lot and other surfaces so that they channel water into watersheds.

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Curb Appeal for the Clients

The exterior of your business can mean a lot to the clients entering your building, but also to those who are just passing by. Those standing on the threshold and thinking about coming in might be motivated by the greenery to make that final step. People are drawn to neat, green spaces, so that could be the aspect that makes them come into your commercial building, and not some other.

Consider creating an impressive entrance using hardscaping or lighting. Experienced commercial landscaping experts will help you achieve that. Make sure the shrubs, trees, and plants are regularly maintained. The whole landscape should have a unified look to add to the curb appeal.

Mental Benefits

Just as there are physical benefits of green space surrounding the building, there are also mental benefits for your employees. Numerous studies have shown that spending time in nature can improve short-term memory. In time, employees could experience a decrease in stress and anxiety levels. Green areas also improve people’s self-esteem and mood, making them more productive and happier. Moreover, beautiful landscaping makes it easier for the employees to focus, improving their ability to solve tasks faster.

Increased Value of the Property

If the time comes to sell your commercial property, a neat landscape will increase its price. There are two reasons for it. First, greenery and shade reduce the energy bills over time, so the property is more economical to live in. Secondly, the aesthetics of a carefully planned landscape also affect the price. In essence, it pays off to invest in landscaping to ensure a higher price if you ever choose to sell it.

Increased Value of the Property

Boost Your Employees’ Morale

Your employees’ morale will be higher if you provide them with a lovely outdoor area. Whether they are on a break or the clock, they can choose to spend some of their working hours outside. You can add fences around the outdoor area to give your employees privacy. Allocate one or two spots where they can isolate themselves. Consider adding a multi-functional patio that can be used both for office parties or meetings outside. Not confiding your employees strictly to closed offices will make them happier and more efficient. Plus, it is an eco-friendly move, too; the more time your employees spend outside, the less electricity and cooling/warming appliances they use.

Improved Safety and Security

Proper landscaping will improve people’s safety and increase security. Landscaping lighting prevents people from stumbling in the dark but it also deters burglars. One study also showed that neighborhoods with neat landscaping have a lower crime rate.

Energy-Efficient Designs

Whatever design you opt for, it’s always smart to include trees in it. More precisely, you can create windbreaks. They are a group of trees and shrubs that direct the wind over your building. That way, the building will be spared of cold winds.

However, in cooler regions, it’s important to allow the sunshine to enter through south-facing windows. You will decrease energy bills, so make sure the landscape doesn’t have tall trees too close to those windows.

Retaining walls, on the other hand, add depth to the entrance. They also provide additional space for planting, as well as privacy. Furthermore, they control erosion because they keep the landscape structure in place. When building them, use sustainable materials such as repurposed curbs and concrete.

Final words

Commercial landscaping can be too valuable for you to miss it. Boost your profit and your employees’ happiness, and help the environment in the process. Everybody wins in this situation.

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