MOT is Good to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Performance

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What is Exactly MOT?

A lot of drivers don’t know what exactly MOT stands for, so what better place to start than this. Notwithstanding being obsoleted since 1970, MOT stands for Ministry Of Transport.

But while the Government department responsible for transport network has gone through a number of identity changes in the four decades since and has been recognized as the Department for Transport since 2002, the name is as confusing as the MOT test is reviewed.


The MOT test is a yearly check-up of your vehicle that is essential by law which follows the sternest checklist of benchmark set put by the DVSA that checks if your vehicle is fit for a drive on the road and in smooth condition.

Your vehicle may need to go through extra work in order to pass your MOT but the test itself does not need any overhauls or replacement parts. The MOT test confirms that your vehicle is safe to drive but does not mean the car is running as well as it could be.

That is where a service will help you. The test inspects whether most important components are properly functioning, that ultimately keeps you and your family safe in a vehicle. It comprises of; steering and braking, lighting and signaling equipment, tires and wheels and also seatbelts.

At the end of the day, would you want to have a ram and be responsible for your own or someone else’s wounds just because your vehicle wasn’t in a suitable condition to be driven? Imagine the stress, it would cause knowing you were at fault for someone being hurt or even killed! Even after MOT, if you feel that your car’s engine is out of order, recondition engines is the best option to choose from.

What is a vehicle service?

A service is a vehicle examination based on guidelines laid out by your vehicle maker rather than the DVSA that keeps your car in a safe and fully-functioning and reliable condition. Somehow, an MOT test and service are quite identical and both cover checks such as tires, brakes, and seatbelts.

However, a service is more in-depth inspection and incorporates the substitution of some parts, chiefly the Cylinder heads, to maintain the smooth running of your car. A full service can also include replacement spark plugs, fuel filter, and air filter to further improve vehicle performance.

Why should you have an MOT?

Just relax, it is very simple. If your purchased vehicle three or more years back, it is a licit demand to have an in-date MOT certificate for your vehicle. It is, not only, against law to ride a car without an MOT but your insurance will also become refuted.

Getting your beloved car service is up to you but here are some reasons for which regular servicing is necessary:

Improved safety: wear and tear build up over time and just because your car feels ok, that doesn’t mean all is well. Regular servicing is supposed to get you out-of-sight issues and provide the satisfaction that the vehicle is safe and roadworthy.

Vehicle lifespan: the better you take care of your car, the longer it is likely to last. Regular servicing is obligatory if you get to drive your vehicle for a long time and want to enjoy more period of painless driving.

Save money: the upfront cost of a service may be off-putting but avoiding your service can be much costlier in the long run. Regular servicing can help to identify minor yet important faults early on that could, after some time, become pricy to rectify.

Added to that is the new filters and oil replaced at the time of service can make your car way more frugal. Increased resale value: when you need to sell your car, a sign of regular servicing history is likely to appeal to more customers who will be willing to pay a sophisticated price for such a well-maintained vehicle.

Improved performance: Servicing your car means the replacement of faulty Automatic Gearboxes, if any, would let you feel more comfortable during the ride.

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