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Web Application Developed Using NodeJS Framework

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In web development, JavaScript is the best method of turning electricity into waste heat. There are several changes in the method, and you need to learn about them for effective results. Understanding the exact meaning of the Node.js framework is essential. Many top companies are using the technology as it is an open-source framework available. It is a cross-platform and provides a stay environment to you.

NodeJS Framework Basic

Why is it a special framework? It is because of the free cost to use them. Running is possible on different platforms with comfort and ease. It will include Mac, OS, Windows, and many more. Programming is the best one for the working of the software or framework. 

What does the framework imply?

If a person is running a retail shop, then many customers will visit it. They will ask for items and pick the right one from a variety. Retailers have to choose the products from the storage cabinet and provide them to the customers. Other customers are waiting in a queue, and it is a time-consuming process. 

You can hire a WordPress developer to provide a separate cabinet to the customers. The procedure of purchasing becomes easy and simple for people. There is no requirement to wait for your turn in a queue. As a result, saving time and optimum use of resources are possible. Node.js is sending a request to the computer system so that the files’ finding is easy and simple for people. The results are effective with efficient servers. Most of the leaders are using it to get more benefits. The entire things are right for developers. 

List of the top 10 Node.js app examples

1. Paypal 

Paypal Using Nodejs

Paypal has 200 million active users across the globe. The procedure is seamless for users without any problems. 


The companies are saying that there is less code in the Node.js framework approx. 33% and written in half of the usual time. The processing is two times faster than a normal framework. Millions of people are showing interest in the Paypal Node.js framework to smooth working.

Takeaway- Node.js is a trustworthy framework.

2. Netflix 

It is the best video streaming application available with a success mantra. The performance is excellent, and benefits are official for companies. The loading time is reducing 70% with the Node.js framework. There is the use of time to interactive metrics for further analysis for its efficacy. Node.js is beneficial for coding in the future.

Takeaway – Node.js is positively impacted video performance.

3. Uber 

Uber using Node JS

Uber is doubling the capacity and size within six months through the Node.js framework. There is the availability of the latest stats, and processing is possible over 2 million calls per second. The services are impressive. They are impressive with reliable services for both the drivers and customers. The framework is helping to get the benefits.

Takeaway – Node.js helps to expand, grow and keep hassles away.

4. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is the best platform available with 450 million users. The connection between the employers and prospective employees is excellent. It was sold to Microsoft in 2016 to have a complete mobile app backend. The results are better for large companies. The speed is increasing fast and going down from 15 to 4. The traffic is doubling at the platform.

Takeaway – Node.js is speeding up the business app and platform. Bringing of new life is possible to them. 

5. eBay

Ebay Using Node JS

eBay constitutes more than 170 million users, and you can say it an e-commerce giant that requires real-time interaction. Node.Js back eBay, and the principle used by them is build-deploy- automate that will help them transition to proper featuring the Node stack. This results in making eBay growing and becoming strong day by day.

Takeaway: With Node.Js, you can maintain real-time connections with servers.

6. Walmart 

Walmart also uses Node.Js, the Node.Js works as the orchestration layer, and this layer always remains above the legacy APIs. With this, Walmart can deploy and create new APIs and be used for the Walmart apps within few hours. 

The results come out to be magnificent. The best part is release time is reduced. Now, the backend developers have finally selected Javascript and Node.Js after struggling too much with memory. For Walmart, Node.Js has become the savior to easily use the app without any problem.   

Takeaway: Node.Js is helpful in dire time and will also provide quick and instant results.

7. Medium 

Medium is the platform that is popular for publishing by using Node.Js and Nginx altogether. On this platform, you can find thousands of published articles and millions of readers every month. So, the medium needs to stay constant and service-oriented, and this is only possible with Node.Js. With Node.Js, the backend can easily share the codes from the client’s side to the server.

Medium Using Node JS

Takeaway: Get service-oriented results with Node.Js.

8. NASA 

NASA found that all their data is scattered at a different location, so they thought to come up with their end-to-end data system and to make this task successful, they selected Node.Js. With Node.Js enterprise, scale architecture was created, and data was shifted to the cloud.

Now, NASA has one database for their data, and access time went down by 300%. This results in safe and smooth working conditions for astronauts.

Takeaway: Get top-notch solutions with Node.Js.

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9. Mozilla 

The next up in the list in Mozilla, both browserID and Mozilla Person uses Node.Js. Node.Js memory is capable of sustaining data of more than 1 million users, and the next reason is Node.Js have the same language as that of Javascript. This helped the team to work quickly and eventually lead to an increase the productivity. Now, Mozilla is using Node.Js for cross-platform pages and other web frameworks.

If you don’t have any idea to use the Node.Js framework, you can also hire a WordPress design agency as they will work on your behalf.

Takeaway: Node.Js helps to become quick and productive.

10. Trello 

Trello Using Node JS

Trello was one of the perfect project management tools and was launched in 2011. For the Trello server-side, both Javascript and Node.Js were used. Trello used both frameworks for various prototyping projects. And, Node.Js was especially used for changing designs and quick testing.

Takeaway: With Node.Js, you can build perfect applications and platforms, and it also comes with quick correcting options.

Winding Up

Node.Js framework is now the most popular framework for doing web application development. But, you must be a creative and experienced Node.Js developer to build superb apps and platforms. If you don’t have any experience, then it is better to hire a WordPress agency as they are experienced and work according to your needs.

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