Guide to Preserving School Sports on a Budget

School Sports Budget
School Sports Budget
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School sports can be a great way to keep kids active and teach them responsibility. Unfortunately, too many schools don’t have the budget to invest in permanent equipment like bleachers and dugouts for their sports facilities. But if you’re willing to get creative and look for some affordable alternatives, it’s possible to make your school’s playing fields safe and functional without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas for keeping your school’s sports teams safe on a budget:

Using tarps instead of building a dugout

A tarp is a canvas-like material used to cover and protect items from weather or other elements. While tarps are typically used for temporary purposes, such as covering an outdoor table or protecting a tool shed, they can also be used to cover dugouts. By placing the tarp over the dugout, you can protect it from rain and sun while allowing your team’s players to use it during games.

Here are some tips on how to use a tarp effectively:

•Be sure that the size of your tarp matches that of your dugout; otherwise, there could be gaps between them where moisture could get in and cause mold or mildew growth down below.

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•Ensure that all edges are tightly secured so they don’t flap around in high winds (which can damage equipment).

Tarps instead of building a backstop

•Tarps are less expensive and more versatile than building a backstop.

•You can use tarps to protect the field, bleachers, and infield in various ways. For example, you could place a tarp over the entire field (with no one on it) or lay down multiple tarps in various positions around the field perimeter where players may run or throw balls. The key is to make sure that each area is covered with enough tarp so that nothing gets hit by foul balls while they’re playing baseball.

•Tarps cost less than $5 per square foot, which means you can cover more area for less money with this budget-friendly alternative.

Tarps to cover the bleachers

If you have a school with bleachers, protecting them from the elements and vandals is important. Tarps can protect the bleachers from the rain and sun while also looking nice and clean. If you do not have tarps that fit your bleachers, consider buying some. They are relatively cheap and will last for years if taken care of correctly.

It is recommended to get two tarps for each set of bleachers: one smaller tarp that covers just half or less of your entire set (you may want this if your school has multiple sets), as well as one larger tarp that completely covers all four sides of each set (this will be more expensive but worth it).

Using tarps to protect the infield

Tarping the infield is a great way to protect your turf from wear and tear, reduce the need for infield maintenance, and protect it from the elements.

There are several ways you can cover your entire field with tarps:

•Purchase large tarps that will cover an entire baseball or softball field (including foul territory). These can be purchased at most hardware stores.

•Purchase baseball field tarps to protect parts of a baseball or softball field (including foul territory). These are usually sold as tarp kits in various sizes so that you can customize your coverage.

Tarps are a cost-effective way to preserve school spots

Tarps are a cost-effective way to preserve school sports.

Tarping is the process of laying a tarp over the playing surface to protect it from inclement weather. Tarping allows for play even when game cancellations are inevitable, reducing maintenance costs and improving student satisfaction.

While tarps can be used for many different purposes, they’re most commonly used to preserve playing fields during the off-season or during inclement weather that would otherwise prevent games from being played. Tarping has also been found to help reduce turf burn by allowing grass time between practices or games, and fields can be protected with tarps in upstate New York all year round.

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As you can see, there are many reasons why tarping your field is beneficial—and not just during specific seasons either.


Tarps are an inexpensive way to ensure your school sports program is successful. They can be used in many instances, such as covering the bleachers or protecting the infield, and they are easy to install.

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