Snoring may lead to Heart Disease and Hypertension, Don’t ignore it

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There is a closed link between snoring and heart disease. Snoring can be one of the main reasons for ischemic heart disease and hypertension. So snoring can be fatal for an individual. Recently scientists found the link and said, snoring can lead to some severe health issues like hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.

We can see a lot of people in our community are suffering from night snoring. Many of them didn’t know that snoring can be harmful to their healthy life. They think it is natural to snore sometimes. Some individual thinks it is an indication of good sleep.


But the reality is totally opposite. Snoring can cause a different kind of disease in our body and some critical health issues. 40% of middle-aged men and 20% of middle-aged women suffer from snoring. Even babies can suffer from snoring. It is interesting that the people who are affected by this cannot realize that they are affected. But it can make the surrounding people annoyed. Sometimes it leads to divorce.

Top reasons for snoring

  • If there are any obstacles in your Airways, in sleep, the air stimulates the vocal cord. This creates the sound.
  • If you are suffering from nasal polyp or sinusitis, it can lead to snoring.
  • If you are obese, fat accomeulates around your cheeks, these extra fats obstacles your airway and creates snores when you sleep.
  • In the case of children, yeah maybe increasing of nasal muscle (uvula swollen) behind the nose.
  • There is a close relation of age with snoring. With increasing age, our vocal cord getting narrow. That’s why with increasing age snoring starts.
  • Some people sleep in a straightforward manner. But the muscles of the vocal cord remains loose — these obstacles the Airways and snoring starts.
  • If you lose the elasticity of muscles of the neck.
  • Alcohol is smoking causes increasing of snoring.
  • If you are suffering from excess growth hormone or excess thyroid hormones like acromegaly or hyperthyroidism.
  • If you are suffering from the congenital birth defect of the vocal cord or congenital defect of the jaw.

How to Deal With Snoring During Pregnancy?

Serious Health Risk of Snoring

  • Sympathetic nervous systems are overstimulated in snoring patients. This causes an elevation of systolic blood pressure continuously and leads to permanent hypertension.
  • A recent study shows Heart Attack prevalence rate is higher in snoring patients. Even heart failure is predominant in snoring patients. Sudden cardiac death can occur if he suffers a long time from snoring.
  • There is an irregularity of heartbeat in patients with snoring.
  • Atrium of the heart can increase in snoring patients.
  • There is an increased risk of diabetes and Stroke in snoring patients.

How can you avoid snoring with natural tips

Question: Is snoring curable?

Sometimes it is, but it will be best if you try a natural way. The natural way to cure snoring acts as a sleep disorder treatment.

I am providing you with some natural ways to prevent snoring at night.

  • If you suffer from snoring, don’t try to sleep in a supine position. You can sleep in a bending way. If you sleep in a supine position, it relaxes the muscle of the neck, so there is an increased chance of snoring.
  • If you have some extra weight, try to lose some. Losing weight can be helpful in reducing snoring.
  • Avoid alcohol or any addictive substance.
  • You can add some extra pillows; sometimes, it can help to reduce snoring. If you use extra pillows, it will help you to elevate your head some extra amount, and it helps to reduce snoring.
  • If you smoke, smoking reduces the capacity of a body to use oxygen. It reduces the path of the expiration of air. This increases the chance of snoring. So it will be best if you avoid smoking.
  • Every day you need to rise up and sleep in a regular pattern. It makes a good harmony and balance between your body and sleep. It also makes the balance of the body.
  • Try to exercise regularly. If you exercise, it increases the blood flow and heart rate. It helps in sound sleep. For this reason, everyday 30-minute regular exercise is a must for snoring patients.
  • You must drink a lot of water. It cleans the pore from the sticky substance of the nose. Ultimately it will reduce the snoring.

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