Submarine Cable in Bangladesh – Road to the Future Smart Technology

Optical Fibre of Submarine Cable
Optical Fibre of Submarine Cable
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In the 21st Century, national progress is largely dependent on the capability of Information Technology (IT). Keeping this in mind, the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Bangladesh’s second submarine cable and landing station on Sunday, 10 Sep 2017.

Submarine Cable in Bangladesh – Road to the Future Smart Technology

Optical Fibre of Submarine Cable

Second submarine cable is expected to ensure high-speed uninterrupted internet connection in the country. If the first submarine cable is experienced due to mechanical conflicts, the internet communication between the countries will not be completely quiet. Second submarine cable was inaugurated through video conferences from Prime Minister’s Office. In January this year, the connection work of submarine cable landing station was completed in Patuakhali’s Kuakata. Starting in March, experimental usage of bandwidth up to 40 Gbps Internet usages.

How Submarine Cable Works

Submarine simply refers to a different telecommunication medium. In general, we know that the data thrown at the radio transmission is returned to us on the Ionosphere. Through this method, news or music can be broadcast through radio; ‘Wire’ or ‘Telegraph’ method is more suitable as a means of faster media sharing, even in adverse times, even during cyclones, flood.

Why Submarine Cable Instead of Pole

Naturally, a wired system can be easily made in a country or town, it is possible to tie the pole or under the ground. But, huge distances, such as from one continent to another continent, it is not possible to put the poles there! That is why, in order to do this, it is placed in the depths of the ocean or simply sitting or floating. In comparison to the depth of comparison with the depth of the submarine, the name of the cable-submarine cable has become.

When is the submarine cable used first?

The first submarine cable is not a recent event. In 1850, the first commercial submarine cable was placed under the supervision of the Anglo-French Telegraph Company.

That’s the first British channel to pass the electronic media. In the Indian subcontinent, in 1863, with the help of submarine cables, the first contact with the Saudi Arabia was established. After 7 years, Bombay has a direct connection to London.

How weak or strong is the submarine cable?

Elasticity is important for any or its conveyor. Not only that, it will be established in some way and the potential for change in the medium of the media, in all, everyone has the desire to know exactly how to create a wonderful thing like submarine cable. Unbelievably true, the cable that went to the British channel was the cable that was wrapped in a gang-patch in the cable.

Except special insulating or insulation! But with the times our technical excellence has happened and hence the optical fiber is mainly used in today’s submarine cable. There are several different types of insulating and safety-enhancing layers on the four sides of the optical fiber.

What About Country’s First Submarine Cable?

The country’s first submarine cable was installed in Cox’s Bazar, in 2006. 250-260 Gbps bandwidth of the first submarine cable with 300 Gbps capacity has already been used. The second submarine station on Sunday, which was inaugurated in Kuakata, has a capacity of 1500 Gbps. It is five times more powerful than Cox’s Bazar.

The launch of this submarine station will result in a major revolution in the Internet and bandwidth in the country. From now on, the telecom companies of Bangladesh are not expected to buy bandwidth abroad. Remarkably, Bangladesh had the opportunity to join IIG or International Submarine Cable Network twice in 1991 and 1994. But the proposal was not approved by the then BNP government.

The proposal was returned to this conspicuous excuse. The government’s wrong decision deprives the country of the opportunity to enter the tremendous world of information technology. The first submarine cable station was established in 2006 after spending hundreds of crores of Taka from the country’s own fund.

For the benefit of the first submarine cable station, the revolution that has taken place in Bangladesh in the field of information technology has contributed to earning foreign currency, including employment. Bangladesh is the world’s leading country in the outsourcing sector. It is expected that the second submarine cable will increase the capability of the country in this case. It will be able to make a significant contribution to the formation of a digital country.

Submarine Cable in Bangladesh – Road to the Future Smart Technology” is written by the author from self-enthusiasm. If anyone finds some wrong information please let me know, I will correct that.

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