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Worried About Loose Vag? Discover the Ways to Tight Your Vag Naturally

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Loose Female Private Part (Vag**na) is a common problem among women. Those who have recently given birth mostly lose the elasticity of their Female Private Part (Vag**na)s. There are several myths and misconceptions regarding losing the elasticity of Female Private Part (Vag**na)s. Many women consider that after childbirth, Female Private Part (Vag**na)s tend to become inelastic and lose its elasticity forever. In reality, Female Private Part (Vag**na)s are forever elastic, it tends to stretch accordingly, and soon get back to its previous shape.

How to tight vag naturally
How to tight vag naturally?

The tearing and stretching of the Female Private Part (Vag**na) during childbirth and expansion and contraction of the pelvic floor and Female Private Part (Vag**na) walls are the major causes of a loose Female Private Part (Vag**na). As stated earlier, your Female Private Part (Vag**na) will never lose its elasticity, but there are ways to strengthen your Female Private Part (Vag**na).

How to tight vag naturally?

Below are the ways to tighten your Female Private Part (Vag**na) naturally without worrying about any possible side effects.

Take A Vinegar Bath

Vinegar Bath
Vinegar Bath

If you are thinking about how vinegar can tighten your vag? Then you’d be surprised to know that vinegar is considered as the most ancient and effective means of tightening your Female Private Part (Vag**na). Taking a vinegar bath is a traditional way to strengthen your Female Private Part (Vag**na)l muscles. It also helps in keeping your Female Private Part (Vag**na) clean, leaving a great smell. Add a cup of vinegar into your warm bathtub and sit for at least 30 minutes.


Pay Heed To Your Diet

Pay Heed To Your Diet
Pay Heed To Your Diet

Diet is also an essential criterion for tightening your Female Private Part (Vag**na). It is important to fuel your Female Private Part (Vag**na) with the required nutrients to regain it’s elasticity faster. Eating the right food that can help your Female Private Part (Vag**na)l muscles to repair effectively will improve the elasticity of your Female Private Part (Vag**na). Food items that are high in estrogen are highly beneficial for tightening the Female Private Part (Vag**na). Some of the best food for your Female Private Part (Vag**na) includes apples, carrots, fenugreek, pomegranate, soybeans, yams, etc. Make sure to add such food items in your diet to expedite the process of tightening your vag.

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Engage in Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercise is a scientifically proven method to strengthen the Female Private Part (Vag**na)l muscles. These exercises are not as difficult as it may seem. All you need to do is discover your pelvic floor muscle by stop peeing at midstream. Once you have mastered the step a few times, you can start exercising lying on your back. Contract your pelvic muscle as much as possible and hold it for at least 5 seconds and relax for the next 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times for better results. 


Stretch Your Pelvis

Pelvis Stretch Exercise Female
Pelvis Stretch Exercise Female

Targeting two issues at once, stretching your pelvis will help in tightening your Female Private Part (Vag**na) and strengthening pelvic floor muscles as well. If you want to stretch your pelvis at home without hitting the gym machines, sit on the edge of a chair with feet apart. Put your hands on your knees with elbows outwardly turned and try bending your ankles with elbows putting your upper body weight on thighs. Once you are in the correct position, spread your arms, raise your chest and start folding the pelvis


If you have given birth to a new life, your Female Private Part (Vag**na) tends to become loose, but Female Private Part (Vag**na) inelasticity is not a matter of grave concern. It regains its strength with time and by following the right methods. The above mentioned were some of the best practices to tighten and strengthen your Female Private Part (Vag**na) and experience the pleasure of having a tight vag.

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