How To Build A Uber-Like App in 2021?

Uber like app
Uber like app
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Hello! In this blog, we are about to discuss one of the most trending business ideas ever. Yes, the much-hyped taxi business. Are you ready to dive in? Some entrepreneurs are unable to choose a business that is both profitable and has a broad scope. If you are one such entrepreneur unable to make the next move, this blog will get you out of the chaos.


The ride-hailing services are almost spread across every country and region. The massive spread of these services is due to the high preference shown by people on private taxis. Big heads in the taxi industry are Uber, Ola, Lyft, etc., all excelled in offering seamless services with each unique employing strategies and business models.

With this, let us move on to the taxi app development in the upcoming sections.

Develop and launch an app like Uber

What do you think is the reason for the surreal hit of apps like Uber? It is the app and its features. The app employs practical features like schedule services, track vehicles, geolocation, etc.; At the same time, there is an app that is folded with these many ultimate features, who would hesitate to develop the app?

Let us jump into the features of an Uber-like app that will highly inflate the user experience.

Request for the ride – Users will rush to your app to book taxis. The app should have a robust set of back-end functionalities that will immediately process the user’s ride request.

Map requests – Another essential feature of the app is mapping the request to drivers. Apps like Uber employ two types of algorithms for mapping requests. Users are free to choose their drivers by looking into the drivers’ list in the first type. In the second type, the app will automatically assign drivers to users.

Fare calculation – Gone are days where we had to bargain with the driver for the taxi fare. The Uber-like apps have an in-built fare calculator that informs the users about the fare for the ride. This opens the way for a more transparent business that increases loyalty.

Geolocation and routing – The taxi drivers depend on GPS vastly to seek assistance for navigation. Chances are there where drivers might end up skipping the actual location and bump into a different area. In those uncertain times, the geolocation features will come as a savior. If drivers cross the actual route or area, an alert would be sent to the driver’s app.

Payment modes – Enhance the facility of using different modes for making the payments. Some users may stick with cash on delivery, while others may prefer to go with cashless delivery. While incorporating the payment gateways, ensure you integrate widely used payment gateways. Popular gateways used across the globe includes PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, etc. Alongside ensure the payment page doesn’t hang up while processing transactions.

Ride cancellations – There are uncertainties where users may wish to cancel rides that were booked. In those cases, it would be great if you allow cancellations without any fee or deduct the minimal fee as cancellation charges. Every step in your service needs attention as a single black mark might backfire on your business.

Prior booking – The prior booking features will suffuse greater convenience to users. Users can plan their rides and make the booking. This will avoid the need to book rides at the eleventh hour. Just by mentioning the date of the trip, users can schedule the trip.

Estimate the time of arrival – Another transparent feature of the app is here! Users can know the approximate time it will take for the taxi to reach their place. Users can make arrangements to leave their place according to the time of arrival.

App alerts – It is necessary to send alerts to users regarding rides, payments, and ETA via push notifications. Keeping your users updated with your offering is important, provided you don’t dump them with several notifications.

Airport services – A survey on the on-demand taxi services open ups that more than 20% of people prefer to hire taxis to airports. While public transport may not be feasible to reach the airport on time, people book taxis. Therefore, you can consider including airport services in your taxi service.

Child seat preference – The taxi service you offer should be useful to users of various categories. In that row, you can fulfill the concerns of moms who have toddlers by affixing child seats.

Of all, having an app that is lucid and arresting will make users visit your app again and again. Insist your developer to integrate a simple yet catchy user interface.

Factors are taken into consideration while calculating the cost of app development.

Developing an app cannot happen in a flash. It will take months together to develop a properly functioning app. This is the case for every app that is being developed from the basement. But with clone apps, the time and cost of development are completely reversed. But how? Here you go!

Clone apps are pre-built apps where you have to infuse customizations. The major time taken in developing clone apps is the customizations. The time for development will depend on the number and complexity of features. Along with that, you can also choose the theme for UI.

Hence, the cost of developing your Uber clone app will stick with the above-mentioned factors.

Technologies used for developing your taxi app

  • Swift for iOS app
  • Java for Android app
  • PHP for website
  • Google maps for navigation
  • Linux, AWS, and other technologies


Viola! The taxi services are becoming more and more popular nowadays. As mentioned at the beginning of the blog, people head to hire private taxis to tuck inconvenience and on-time ride. You can make the most out of the present situation by launching the Uber clone app. Cheers!

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