Why Do Unicorns Prefer Kotlin for Android App Development?

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Mobile App Development
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Google I/O 2017 saw remarkable support for Kotlin by the Android team. Java Virtual Machine runs it as a statically typed language. Kotlin has been a hot topic in Android application development for years. Github also reports that Kotlin projects are steadily increasing. Unfortunately, Android app developers have never officially supported this language, making it a difficult language to use. Now, however, things have changed.

Today’s startup ecosystem is evolving at an alarming rate. Technology is also changing. Startups and technology are inextricably linked. Today, startups are bound to be able to work with technology. Many unicorns rely on technology 100%. Technology brings with it an inexplicable need for app development.

The shift from Java to Kotlin has been noticeable in recent years. Java is a popular language for Android application development. But Java’s limitations have led to the move to Kotlin.

Kotlin for Android Development: Overview

Kotlin for Android Development

Kotlin has been hailed as the future for Android application development. It is quickly replacing Java. Kotlin can be used for future Android development projects as it is a modern, fast-moving language. Kotlin has emerged as an ideal alternative to Java ever since Google announced its support in May 2017. Kotlin, which is third after Java and C/C++, has been an integral part of Android.

Kotlin Advantages

The three basic advantages of Kotlin for Android Developers include:

  • Fast Learning Curve
  • Advantages of Open Source
  • Compatibility with Java 100%

Kotlin Versus Java

1. Classes of Data

The Java world is filled with boilerplate code for data classes that are not used. However, by skipping the boilerplate code, one can still find useful information about the class, such as its getters and setters. Kotlin allows us to easily create a POJO with getters, setters, and equals().

2. Full Java Interoperability

Kotlin is 100% compatible with Java, so you can use all Android libraries, annotation processing, and data binding in a Kotlin app. The java-friendly Android developer can quickly learn Kotlin and be compatible with Android programming projects.

3. Extension Functions

You can add new functions and properties to any class. As a result, it is easier to read than the usual utility classes in projects.

4. Null Safety

The majority of Java code that we write is defensive. Before we use something, we need to make sure it isn’t null. Otherwise, we may find unexpected NullPointerException. Like many other languages, Kotlin can be null safe since we must specify whether an object can be null using the safe call operator.

The Reasons Why Unicorns Choose Kotlin for Android Development

1. Coding Less & Faster

Java can be tedious because you have to code every line. Kotlin allows you to do this without having to worry about that. Kotlin saves time and effort because the Kotlin interpreter understands code and can write a lot of the code. Kotlin has many features, including handling data classes, type interfaces, and properties. Kotlin provides simplicity and readability. If done correctly, the code will have minor bugs and thus fewer errors.

Developers can solve the same problem more efficiently with Kotlin. There will be fewer crashes & bugs. The system is easier to manage, more easily read and edited.

2. Develop Server-Side Applications with Ease

Side development is possible because it fully integrates with Java Virtual Machine. Therefore, this language is suitable for Android app development and supports frameworks like Ktor. Spring & Kotlinx.html.

Kotlin supports coroutines. In turn, this allows for server-side applications to scale to huge numbers of clients with minimal hardware requirements. Additionally, Server-Side Kotlin apps can be installed on any host that allows Java Web applications. This includes, but is not limited to, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, & others.

3. Best Integrated Development Environment

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) are software applications that provide a comprehensive platform for developers to develop their software. JetBrains is the developer of Kotlin. The best Android App Development Company provides the best and most widely-used IDEs all over the globe. Kotlin works with Android studio’s IDE features.

4. Open Source

JetBrains’ Kotlin developers made it a point from the beginning to use an open-source format instead of keeping it internally. Open source is a great way to support core Kotlin products and aid Kotlin development.

5. Solid Community Base

It is continually improving, as we mentioned previously. With a large and talented team working on Kotlin, JetBrains commitment is easily seen. This team is constantly evolving and converting portions of their flagship product to make it more useful.

6. Increased Safety

Kotlin’s safety is based on its many benefits. First, the language developers integrated the principles that prevent common errors during program execution. The possibility of making mistakes is reduced because the same tasks can be completed in a shorter time. It is easier to spot errors and correct them when the code is simple and clear.

The Bottom Line

Kotlin has many advantages in Android App Development Services, such as the optimal use of its separate interfaces to read-only and modified collections, primary constructors and string templates, and fetching type inference for variable or property types. In addition, this language is developer-friendly and can provide programmers with simplicity, fun, and ease.

Unicorns in today’s technologically changing world require a language to help them develop. Kotlin Android is proving to be an efficient language, and companies are shifting to Kotlin for Unicorn apps to receive a complete set of premium services.

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Erma Winter is a professional app developer at MobileCoderz, an established Web & Mobile App Development Company. With over nine years of android app development expertise, she has excelled in many SMEs and renowned startups. Apart from this professional expertise, she loves to do gardening and play Basketball on weekends.

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