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Webinar Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Use Webinars for Your B2B Marketing Strategy

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Are you looking for a way to generate more B2B leads? Do you want to connect with qualified prospects? Well, then webinar marketing is the perfect strategy to boost engagement and leverage lead generation for your online B2B marketplace.

However, many business owners in the modern B2B environment believe their efforts are enough and don’t feel the need to evolve their marketing strategy. While other’s fear that the experiment may hurt them financially. Although, over the past years many B2B marketers have experienced that webinars have proven to leverage both brand recognition and lead generation.


To encourage businesses to invest their resources in hosting webinars as a part of their marketing campaign, we have created a short guide to give you a few tips to get started.

Write Down Your Goals

How can you expect to reach a destination when you’ve never written down the name of the particular place? Well, it’s quite similar while initiating a new marketing campaign. If you aren’t clear with the goals, how will you know whether or not your efforts have helped you gain success?

Therefore, while planning out your next B2B webinar marketing plan, make sure that you write down the purpose behind running the campaign and the goals you wish to achieve. Ones you visually see that your campaign is performing, you’ll have a better idea of whether to invest in this strategy again or not. Remember, you can expect every marketing tactic to pull off remarkable results at every go. Be patient and never give up!

It’s Always Better to Take a Test Drive!

Instead of banging your head on the wall in regret for investing in running a webinar, we advise that you run a few tests first. Webinars can be on just about any topic. However, not all topics will generate pleasing results. Therefore, you can follow a few tricks to analyze the responsiveness of your potential audience.

For example, if you have an exit-intent feature on your site, use it to generate your webinar subscribers by stating the topics, and date of the online seminar. In addition, you can create an event on Facebook and see how many people respond. To boost your reach, you can even boost the event and promote it by setting a small budget. If you notice that not many people are showing interest in your webinar event, dissolve the idea and come up with a new topic and date. It would help if you only initiated a plan when the response is adequate.

Reward Your Participants

If you want your participants to show up next time you host a webinar, then you should win their hearts by offering rewards. You can offer them an exclusive discount, ship them samples, or directly send them an EBook of the research you did for the webinar.

Who doesn’t love free things and discounts? I’m pretty sure we all admire free and discounted stuff. Well, you can attract many participants by simply offering rewards. In addition, you can expect a higher number of a participant in the next webinar.

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Recruit the Perfect Host!

The whole responsibility of delivering all your research is rested upon the shoulders of the host. Your host has to be experienced and trained to provide information in the best way possible. Since, webinars are online, participants and switch off their laptops and walk off whenever they feel like it. Well, your host is the person who has to stop that from taking place.

Therefore, we advise that you choose the speaker very carefully. Either hire a professional organization to deal with it or merely test and train one of your employees who has strong communication skills. Appoint someone whom you know has the capacity to make you concentrate and not lose focus.

Don’t Forget to Retain Your Participants

Webinar hosts may pull off the best session by connecting with each participant. However, they fail to reconnect after the show. Your duty as a B2B marketer is to assure that your relation or connection doesn’t end with the session. In fact, your job has just begun!

After the session, you have to follow up all the leads and make then turn into potential prospects by actually placing their orders. However, before actually reaching out, shortlist the ones who qualify first. You wouldn’t want to waste your time on irrelevant participants that also showed up. Once your list is created, please work with your team and connect with them through whatever channel is suitable. You can forward them downloadable content, ask them for feedback, promote the next webinar and show them all your products and services directly. These are the best ways to convert them from B2B webinar leads to real prospects.

Increase Affiliations and Partnerships

I’m pretty sure you are aware of the significance of influencer marketing in the modern B2B environment. Well, you can utilize this marketing technique to enhance webinar marketing outcomes. Invite credible guest speakers to participate and share their experience in the event.

By involving other organizations, platforms, and even notable personalities, you’ll be able to reach out to a broader audience. Also, by showcasing the participation of renowned speakers, your webinar will be able to become more popular.

As easy as it sounds, there are a few challenges associated with this idea. The first thing you’ll have to do is convince guest speakers actually to participate in the webinar. While reaching out to them, make sure you inform them about the regular traffic, and how your webinar marketing can benefit them. You’ll have to sell them the slot.

Even if you don’t have contact with any guest speakers who can help you out, you can always reach out to professional marketing service providers. You’ll find firms available to help you in both high budgets and low ones. Also, if that doesn’t work out, no one said that co-speakers have to be someone from an external source. Why not save the money and resources by just requesting an employee to host the next webinar and share their knowledge. They might be able to entertain the audience better with their years of experience working in the industry. Also, this will also boost your employee’s morale and motivate them to work harder.

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B2B webinar marketing requires you to establish a good plan to generate pleasing results. Though the benefits are high, you wouldn’t want to waste your resources on a poor strategy. Therefore, follow the tips mentioned above and initiate an excellent webinar marketing strategy.

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