How To Identify Toxic Work Environment

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People, just starting out with a professional work life often face the workplace stress that they are hardly able to recognize in the beginning, but it has signs which often gets ignored turning it into an actual toxic environment. And ignoring the warnings and remaining pinned in same toxicity can prove to be potentially harmful to you; particularly mentally/emotionally.


However, there is a big difference in a toxic work environment and having merely a lousy time at work. Bad time might account for having a bad monthly report, a disastrous presentation or even a strenuous day at work. Whereas, toxicity is where drama presides leaving you to feel bitter.

Presently, companies are looked upon for what their culture represents. No matter how great is the name of an organization, or the pay scale is; if the environment itself is toxic, you will reproach taking the job. Moreover, companies with good cultural values prosper more regarding growth both at the individual and organizational level since the employees work wholeheartedly towards the achievement of a high-end goal.

But the good thing is you can now easily spot those signs of toxicity in your work environment and protect your future with the career choices you make.

Firstly, a company having cultural values is transparent in its mission and vision statement. This can be made clear even during the interview process as an interview doesn’t necessarily mean you are giving all the details to the recruiter (rekrutteringsfirmaer), but also it means you may take all possible insights of the company that assure your growth and survival in an undisturbed manner.

Companies keeping their pros and cons hidden generally come up with toxic surprises. It is for the companies to remain open about policies and culture with employees that results in greater understanding from employees’ end too.  And for sure, everyone would want to work with a company benefiting all equally rather than a company favouring a few amongst all.


Instincts never lie, particularly when it is about your level of comfort in a place. If you can sense that there is something wrong, believe it! To make it clear to yourself address a few questions like:

  • How is my boss’s attitude towards you or the other employees?
  • On what basis did they hire you? Is it your qualification and skills?
  • What is the mission and vision of the company?
  • How reputed is the company in the eyes of its employees?
  • Is this company transparent to its employees and clients?
  • Inquire about their turn-over rate.

Once you can address all of these, you would exactly know if this career choice is right or wrong. However, it is evident that all problems come with a solution. But the first step is to know if they exist.

Take Notice Of The Signs

  • You dread mornings! That is not because you are not a morning person, but because you know morning means going to work and the idea of it gives you stress.
  • You become a part of the office gossip. You know your colleagues are talking of you. There are rumours floating around in the office that surrounds you that makes the environment toxic with poisoning misunderstandings and an air of bitterness.
  • You are kept out of the communication loop; all the vital information surpasses you. You are not informed of any significant events or even not given any feedback on the performance which hurdles the growth. Communication not only means between you and the employees but also it depicts the way your workload is kept hidden from the higher authorities to stop your promotion or recognition.
  • No one greets you. Office environment and culture is built with collective norms and understanding. We spend more time with colleagues than we do with our family and spending time with people who do not even pass a smile to you is very difficult. This not only makes the workplace toxic but also affects your morale in the longer run.

The workplace is like a second home. If the hours spent in office becomes torturing, it nurtures dissatisfaction that doesn’t just stop in the office. You carry that along for rest of your time to home and outside. It affects your personal life as well; you become nosy and stubborn. You start remaining depressed and unhappy having a poor attitude towards work and that hurts your own experience with family and friends too.

However, the best way to save yourself from toxic work experience is in the first place to figure it out before you start it. Even then if somehow you end up joining a toxic workplace start to figure out the indicators that hinder your peace and performance. If so, address them and if they persist it time you quit this place!

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