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Niche Site Article Writer and Guest Posting

Niche Site Article Writer and Guest Posting at Lowest Price

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If you are looking for niche site article writer and free guest posting website with High PR, High DA and High PA you came to the right place. Today I will discuss how you can find your best niche article writer with the lowest price. I can show you where you can post a guest post with a specific niche and get quality backlink.

General Price of Niche Article Writer

Usually, Niche article writer demands a lot more money for the article. Niche article writers give their focus mainly on specific products. They need to convince the readers of a total view of the products. That’s why niche article writing in a little bit tough. So the usual payment for the niche article for word basis as below:

300 Words – 10$

500 Words – 20$

1000 Words – 50$

1500 Words – 80$

Some writers can ask up to 100-150$ if they provide video review and infographic as a whole.

Why is Article Writer Job not easy?

Article writing job is not easy. You have to keep lots of things in mind about writing an article on specific topics. Average article writer using some kind of article writing software or paraphrasing software. Some cheater article writes article rewriting tool. Even if you search the internet, you will get hundreds of free and pain article spinning or free article rewriting software on the websites. So it is very tough to find a genuine article write in this 21st century. I think those who are students and currently working in newspaper article writing is the best. Students who write for magazine article are best suited for Niche article writing.

Niche Site Article Writer and Guest Posting

Contact Shout Me Crunch for Free Niche article writer

If you need some quality article for your niche website, you can contact shout me crunch contact page. We deal with lots of sites, and we got quality writers for you. The first article we can provide for free. But for that free niche article, we demand two backlinks of our own. If you want to get more articles for your website, you can fulfil the deal with the price mentioned above, and the deal is on!

If you are looking for Outreach guest posting services, you can contact.

Which site is good for getting quality content?

TextBroker – Recommended





What should things be kept in mind to Write Niche article?

Niche Article writing is always an art. You can write an article with emphasising the merits and demerits of the specific products. You do not have any shortcut to get the viewer’s absolute focus.  Sometimes you need to give a comparison table to get the best out of it.

  • Some key points you should follow to write niche article:
  • Articles should be concise and informative.
  • You should add relevant images to the specific camera angle. (IE: selfie stick with jack or Bluetooth button, clear picture)
  • The article needs to be 100% copyright free. You need to write it with your imagination and capabilities.
  • Niche article should stick to the specific topic. You can’t write it without using a “Focus Keyword.”
  • The item should be well described and visually soothing. You need to add relevant images or comparison sheet for better understanding.
  • The outbound link should be done to only high PR sites.
  • You can’t use any hidden backlink that can harm the ranking or SERP.

Hire me for your Niche article Writing

If you want to hire me as your niche article, you can be my guest. My price demand as stated above. Feel free to contact me for more niche and website and quality guest article writer. I am the owner of Boss Host BD, so I got lots of websites to publish the article relevant to the topic. Thanks for reading Niche Site Article Writer and Guest Posting in Lowest Price.

contact me at sawontheboss4[at]gmail.com

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