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Exploring the 10 Most Outstanding Cars of 21st Century

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Every automobile has traits worth to secure a place in the list

There is a turning point for everything, and gas-powered cars have turned things for the automobile company. The steps toward evolution in the automobile industry started from then on. It happened in 1893, and there have been many changes since then.


These changes are not only related to the industry itself the usage of the vehicles and why they are bought have also changed. The market got vast with time and with the emergence of new companies things got hot for the customers.
The companies strive to be in the mainstream and in that effort gave some very useful and appreciating cars to the buyers. Till the 20th century, the car makers concentrated on the mechanical aspects to improve safety and fuel efficiency.

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While the 21st century is all about those attractive goodies, we call technology. The 10 cars which influenced people the most with all the aspects combined in the 21st century follows below.

The amazing yet affordable Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius

The concept of green is another new approach to this century. People came aware of the environmental hazards caused by vehicles. So for a cleaner environment, these type vehicles are made to obey the rules set for making the atmosphere clean.

Toyota is the brand which started producing Prius in 2001 and a reasonable price range so that people can own it. Economical is not the only thing which makes it worth buying. There are space, style, and performance.
The gas-electric hybrid has made it more desirable. The engine produces a nice 121 hp with 58:53 ratios for town and highway respectively.

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The practical Mazda 3

Mazda 3
Mazda 3

You see a Mazda 3 and fell in love with the exterior. Still, move on, and there is more to appreciate in it. The car came in 2004, and it became famous without much effort. The reasons behind are its reasonable price tag with a good speed 2.3-liter Mazda 3 engine and of course the space it has for the families.

Another worth mentioning trait is its reliability. There is a good useful list of features which is mostly associated with luxury cars. But with the launch of this model, Mazda has provided a car with such traits but not an enemy for the pocket.

The engine produces 184 bhp which adds to the value of this automobile.

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The influential Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer
Ford Explorer

SUVs are taken to be gas eaters, and this makes them even more expensive including the purchasing price. You have to spend money on them on a day to day bases. But Ford has given this vehicle who want to have an SUV but in a cost-effective way.

It came in the market in 1991, but the 2011 upgrade has made it more loved among the masses. The effective exterior is another goody people want. The structure is practical as well as bold and effective right for this type.

The hard worker Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry

This car is a true depiction of this company. It is a hard worker and never gives up. With uncertain conditions and setbacks, this one is still in the market. The comeback it made after 2010 drop has increased the market value, as well as people, trust that the car is reliable in every sense and can be there when needed.

For the engine there is 268 hp produced by it and the economy is rated as high as many of the Toyota cars out there.

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The best in class Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Sonata
Hyundai Sonata

Even more desirable then the above-mentioned Sonata became the true name barrier for this company. The sales went up, and Hyundai truly made its place in the market with this car. Its features are impressive. The cabin is comfortable and spacious making it fit for family people.

Then the most important it has high fuel efficiency in town and on the highway. To add more to this aspect, there is a hybrid option present for the buyers who want to add more to the economy side. The designing is decent, and it is hard to be distinguished from the luxury class cars.

Subaru Forester keeps your pocket happy

It is one of those vehicles which have four-wheel drive capability and yet it has a reachable price. Forester gives you the pleasure of off-road adventure and the practical side of an SUV. It is a multi-purpose transport giving a nice space inside and is fit for load and people carrier.

Legroom and cargo space are further improved in the present version of Subaru Forester. Maintaining it is also not an expensive affair, and the engine shows less fuel consumption and high performance.

The evergreen Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper
Mini Cooper

From the start, Mini Cooper has a colorful history. It is an icon for the British people love owning it no matter which class they belong to. It is a bachelor car to be specific and has given the purchaser a nice choice for a different yet amazing pick.

It is a great car for sure when you see it in the context of media. From its conception, until now the market value has not declined.

A stylish performer Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo
Ferrari Enzo

You are going to back the comment when you see one. The catchy looks make you hold your breath. And the performance is even more attractive. A Ferrari is a Ferrari, and with Enzo, it has become unbeatable.
There are no rivals who can reach the engineering and styling of this vehicle. Even this Ferrari has been unbeatable by its company fellows.

The highly favored Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R
Nissan GT-R

Do not judge this one with the sale graph. It has a steady sale, but the reason for its continuous production and presence in the showrooms is its loyalty. It has a smart structure, performance, and power.
And this power does not just stop delivery at a point. Nissan is a reliable brand, and its productions are devoted to the owners. The price is higher for some, but those who know the true capability and value the styling and its engineering see this price as nothing.

The future of the automobile industry BMW i8

BMW i8
BMW i8

The reason for its effectiveness is its performance of course, but the style adapted to present this sports car is outstanding. It is worth seeing, and only after that, you can value the car in the true sense.

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This one opens the boundaries for this industry giving the purchaser a hint of what else can happen in the future. The aesthetic sense BMW has adopted for the production is astonishing.

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