6 Powerful Benefits of Inclusive Employment Practices

Employment Practices
Employment Practices
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Inclusive employment involves making sure everyone, regardless of their barriers or background, can be given an opportunity to secure stable work. While this undoubtedly helps those who may struggle to find employment, it’s also the workplace itself that can experience some amazing benefits.

If you’re a business owner thinking about changing your workplace practices, here are just a few of the many reasons why inclusive employment is worthy of consideration:

Low Turnover

High turnover is a problem in many workplaces. However, it could be less likely to affect your company if you adopt inclusive employment practices. Providing jobs for those who face daily barriers usually results in the people in your team feeling valued and included.

Generally, employees are happy to stay in workplaces where they feel they are making valuable contributions and their efforts are recognized. Creating this kind of environment will instill a sense of satisfaction in your employees, inspiring them to prove themselves as reliable and capable workers.

High Productivity

Workplaces that promote inclusive employment tend to value effort, productivity, and hard work. When you show your appreciation for a job well done, your employees feel valued and motivated to do better – not just for themselves but for your company.

In a study involving 13,000 workdays and a variety of employees across ten disability categories, the more people with disabilities in a team, the higher the productivity level. It was determined that it’s not the disabilities themselves that are the drivers. Rather, it’s about people being placed into jobs that suit their skill-set and that they enjoy doing.

Better Problem-Solving

Having a workforce with diverse backgrounds may improve your chances of coming up with solutions to problems. It’s all in the way each staff member approaches challenges.

Some may have seen a similar problem and adjust a solution to suit. Others may understand the challenges involved in that problem and think creatively to come up with a solution—the more diverse your workforce, the more problem-solving techniques you can tap into.

Improved Staff Morale

Over several years, researchers have determined that happiness is contagious. If your workforce is made up of people who are happy to be involved in work, that happiness can quickly spread throughout the remainder of the team.

A happier workforce is often a more productive and satisfied one, which can ultimately benefit any manager or a business owner.  

Workplace Flexibility

Sometimes, becoming an inclusive employer can require some minor adjustments in your work environment. Having the flexibility to change, move forward, and adjust can significantly benefit your workplace, helping you stay ahead of trends in your industry.

Any major curveball thrown your way is not something you can’t handle. You’ve already made sure you can offer employment for all, which means you already know you’re capable of making big changes.

Helping the Economy

Many people with disabilities or everyday barriers struggle to find employment. This might contribute to the reasons why the rate of employment of people with disabilities is 12.6%. In comparison, the employment unemployment rate of those without disabilities sits at 7.9%.

By opening your doors to inclusive employment practices, you are doing your part for the economy. People who may otherwise struggle to get work are now contributing to the economy while gaining a sense of worth at the same time.

It might not seem like a significant change to establish a disability-diverse workplace, but it can mean the world to those you are hiring. What’s more, you may be able to enjoy a variety of surprising benefits you may not have believed possible.

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