Angular Vs React: Finding The Best Tech Stack In 2022

AngularJS Vs React
AngularJS Vs React
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We all know that Angular and ReactJS are the two topmost front-end tech stacks. But wait, have you ever thought about which is the best among the two of them? Naah, right? Take a chill pill, and you are not the first who didn’t wonder about it. In this article, we will present a detailed comparison of Angular vs. React, so let’s get started!

What Is AngularJS

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework built on top of the MVC architecture. It is used in the front-end development of web applications and the back-end development of mobile apps.

AngularJS is an open-source project developed by Google. It was developed to provide an MVC framework for building web applications with a minimal amount of code and no external dependencies. In addition, angular provides a modular approach that allows for easy reuse and separation of concerns, making it easier to develop reusable components that other developers can reuse.

It is a declarative, functional, and MVC framework. Its declarative syntax allows developers to create applications that are easy to test, maintain and extend.

Salient Features Of AngularJS

  • Developed by Google and has been adopted by many other giant tech companies.
  • Has declarative syntax and helps in developing web applications with minimum code.
  • The framework is lightweight, highly scalable, flexible, and suitable for building single-page applications.
  • Can build fast, maintainable applications with less code.
  • Easy to learn and has a user-friendly syntax
  • Follows the same structure and rules as HTML
  • Based on MVC architecture
  • Allows developers to create intuitive and highly-efficient web applications
  • With Angular, it is easy to develop responsive SPAs.
  • Has a rich ecosystem of libraries and tools
  • The preferred choice of front-end developers is due to dependency injection, unidirectional data flow, and routing.

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What Is ReactJS

Reactjs is a framework for dynamic data-driven, declarative and

asynchronous rendering of user interfaces. It provides an architecture that supports the development and deployment of client-side applications. In addition, the framework’s flexibility enables you to build complex applications with ease.

It is a simple-to-use JavaScript library that makes writing dynamic and reactive UI code easy. It has built-in features for handling common functionality such as state management and animation. In addition, react components are self-contained, including animations, transitions, and other visual effects.

The reactjs library uses HTML templates, CSS stylesheets, and JavaScript libraries to create easier web pages to maintain and debug, which is one of the reasons why front-end developers prefer it.

Features Of ReactJS

  • Allows you to build interactive user interfaces with knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • It allows you to write your code in a declarative manner and also enables you to load and manipulate the DOM
  • Reduces the boilerplate code of the application, and it provides a very easy way to handle asynchronous events
  • Allows you to create reusable components
  • Easy to develop scalable, responsive, and maintainable applications
  • Apt tech stack to develop a large-scale application

Comparing Angular Vs React On Various Parameters

TypeFull-fledged JavaScript frameworkA JavaScript library
Learning curveExtensive training is required to learn AngularLearning ReactJS is easier than Angular
Installation timeTakes relatively less time to set things upTakes much time to set up  
Coding timeCoding time in Angular is higher comparativelyIt takes less time to code an app
Community supportDependable community supportRobust community support
Best featuresLimited freedom and flexibilityFreedom to choose libraries, tools, and architecture
Testing & DebuggingIn-built tools are available for testing & debuggingA set of tools is required
DocumentationPoor documentationUpdated documentation
UpdatesNeed to make changes to migrate or updateEasy to introduce updates or migrate
ApplicationTypes Best for Single Page Applications (SPA)Best for native, hybrid, and web apps
Ideal choice forLarge-scale or feature-rich applicationAndriod and iOS apps
ModelBased on MVC (Model View Controller)based on Virtual DOM
Written inTypescriptJavaScript
Adopted byFacebook, Uber, Instagram, Netflix, PinterestWepay, Beam, Auto Trader, Mesh, Streamline Social
GitHub stars82k190k
Use of codeComes with ready-to-use codesManage code as per requirements
TemplateHTML + TypeScriptJSX + J% (ES5/ES6)

Over To You

So this is all about Angular vs. React. After reading this article, we hope you will be in a better position to decide which tech stack you should choose for your next project. If not, then make this a thumb rule: Employ React if you want to build a lightweight, fast application with an enticing UI. Employ Angular when you are required to create large-scale, robust, and scalable apps. Note that Angular is far more complex than ReactJS; hence, you’ll need experienced developers.

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