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Node JS vs. Angular JS

Node JS vs. Angular JS: A theory of comparison to help you choose better

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Be it Angular JS or Node JS, both belong to the family of JavaScript technologies. And both are equally appreciated for their unique features. Node JS is a cross-platform runtime environment, and Angular JS is a JavaScript framework.

But, first, let us understand what exactly these two technologies are.

What is Node JS?

Node.js is a cross-platform runtime library and environment for running JavaScript applications outside the browser. This is a free-to-use and open-source environment used for developing server-side JS applications.

Node JS can boost up applications’ performance by 50%.

Node.js application has been written in JavaScript. This application runs within the Node.js runtime on Linux and Microsoft Windows. This framework provides a rich library of various JavaScript modules to abridge the web development process. And this makes the Node JS Development Agencies the go-to place for app owners.

Amazon, Netflix, eBay, Reddit, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and PayPal all use Node JS.

What is Angular JS?

Angular JS is a structural framework for developing vibrant web applications. It enables developers to use HTML as a template language and lets HTML’s syntax articulate the application’s components.

Angular JS has topped the list in the most useful framework of 2021 with a share of 25.1%, according to Statista.

It is a full-featured JavaScript framework with the chief goal of simplification. It offers support for generating dynamic, single-page web apps and supports the (MVC) programming structure.

The comparison:


Back in 2010, Angular JS was created by Google as a web application development framework. Angular JS  is the only framework written completely in JavaScript, unlike other JavaScript frameworks. Angular JS also follows JavaScript syntax rules.

On the contrary, Node JS was created as a cross-platform runtime environment based on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. It is written in JavaScript, C, and C++ programming languages.

Web framework

Angular JS is a framework, unlike Node JS. Web frameworks are generally being used to automate common development tasks while developers develop several applications, websites, web applications, web services, and web application frameworks.

On the other hand, JavaScript programmers cannot use Node JS as a web framework. But developers can go for an alternative; they can use an extensive range of Node JS-based frameworks: Socket.io, Hapi.js, Meteor.js, Express.js, and Sails.js.


Well, developers can write Node JS applications in JavaScript with the condition that applications need to run within the runtime environment on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Thus, developers need to install Node JS in their system while generating the development environment. But, when it comes to Angular JS, developers do not need to install Angular JS in their system; they can embed the Angular JS files in the codebase just like other JavaScript files.

Now that we have come across the basic comparison between the two JavaScript-based technologies let us move forward by having a look at the advantageous and disadvantageous side of both Angular JS and Node JS.

Top reasons to choose Node JS:

  • It is multi-threaded
  • It is object-oriented
  • Build vs. compile= significantly faster development environment
  • Its synchronous execution
  • It creates SAAS, service, and desktop platforms

(85% of developers use it principally for web app development)

Top advantages of Node JS:

  • It is pretty easy to learn
  • Scalable web app development
  • Robust MVP development
  • A fast environment for microservice development
  • Powerful tech stack for web development
  • It has powerful data processing

Several disadvantages of Node JS:

  • It reduces performance when handling heavy computing tasks
  • Callback hell issue
  • Immaturity of tooling
  • Node.js welcomes a lot of code changes due to Unstable API
  • Choose carefully, and it lacks Library Support; it can endanger your code

Top reasons to choose Angular JS

  • Its amazing data binding
  • Its robust architecture
  • Dependency injection
  • Angular JS is not browser-specific
  • Its unit testing assures quality code
  • The MVC architecture is perfect

Top advantages of Angular JS:

  • It has a declarative UI
  • It is supported by Google
  • It has a two-way data binding feature
  • It supports SPA features
  • It allows for optimal web application management
  • It offers real-time testing
  • It is pretty easy to learn

Several disadvantages of Angular JS:

  • A hierarchical tree-like architecture and Deep scopes
  • Concept of Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control
  • Performance Tradeoff
  • Angular two-way binding can both be its biggest use but also its Achilles’ heel.
  • Opinionated Ecosystem
  • Heavily weighted framework

An extensive difference between the two JavaScript-based technologies: Angular JS and Node JS

Node JsAngular Js
Node JS is a platform created on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for feasibly developing fast and scalable network applications. Node JS uses an event-oriented, non-blocking I/O model that makes it a lightweight and competent application; it is perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.Angular JS is a structural framework for robust web applications. It helps you use HTML as your template language and enables you to extend HTML’s syntax to articulate your application components unmistakably and succinctly. Its data binding and dependency injection abolish much of the code you currently have to write.
You need to install Node JS on your computer system.Working with Angular JS, you just need to add an Angular JS file; likewise, you do it any other JavaScript file to use it in applications.
Node JS is written in C, C++, and JavaScript languages. It supports non-blocking input/output API and an event-oriented architecture.Angular JS is written completely in JavaScript. It also enables extending the HTML’s syntax to illustrate the components of your application.
Node JS is pretty useful to create rapid and scalable server-side networking applications.Angular JS is an ideal framework for developing single-page client-side web applications.
Node JS is perfect for creating small-size projects.Angular JS is perfect for developing highly active and interactive web applications.
Node JS developers can use JavaScript on the client and server-side as well to focus on learning a single language.Angular JS needs a thorough understanding of prototyping, scope, and multiple other JavaScript elements.
Difference between the two JavaScript-based technologies: Angular JS and Node JS

Concluding essence:

Reading this, you have made yourself familiar with the pros, cons, and features of Angular JS and Node JS, along with understanding the architecture, web framework, installations, and other relevant aspects.

Well, these two JavaScript-based technologies have raised the bars. These two robust technologies are pretty efficient enough in their own essence, and it just depends upon what project you want to avail them in.

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