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The solar movie does not host any file itself it links to other sites on the internet. You can see a wide variety of movies on solar movie site as watching videos and movies online is becoming the trend nowadays. If you want to enjoy free online movie service, you can visit the solar movie. The solar movie offers you tons of movie and TV series the only drawback is that it is full of advertisement & this will surely hamper your experience will watching videos. So, if you want to avoid such issue you will have to search for several other alternatives of the solar movie let’s have a look:

Let me watch this

Let me watch this Website

Let me watch this is a website like the solar movie where you can watch free online videos. Here you will find both old and new collections of movies, although you will find a search filter facility through which you can search the movies of your choice and enjoy the show. The only negativity of this site is that they keep on flashing unnecessary Ads. These Ads are the only source of earning, and that’s the way they keep online video streaming service free. You can also download the content and watch it later.

Movie Watcher

All the videos here are arranged by the popularity and by releasing year. We cannot miss this website when discussing the solarmovie alternative. You can conveniently search the video you want to watch in high definition quality and that too Ad free. The other notable feature of this website is that you can download HD quality videos that are not available on other websites. Before downloading such video, you need, and then you can download the movies of your choice.


B-movies Website

In B movies “B” stands for “box,” “blockbuster” that means we have a vast quantity of Bollywood movies available on this site. All movies are a well-organized basis on country, category & release date. The domain is much more organized and professional in comparison to the older domain. Also, they keep on updating the HD quality of videos as per the releasing date & availability of the videos.

Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies Website

This is one of the best online streaming site same as the solar movie. Through beautiful filtering feature, you can easily find the movie of your choice, and the best feature is that it quickly loads everything. Like the solar movie, you can see different varieties of films such as horror, comedy, romantic, etc. There is always a slow slide running on the website which will show you the information about latest updates and upcoming videos.


Movies4U Website

Movie4u is another fantastic site for online movie lovers. It provides the online movies streaming at the highest quality giving you a fantastic viewing experience. Movies4U can be one of the best alternatives for Solarmovie as its database is updated time to time and your choice of video is available at a click of a button.


Rainierland Website

The Rainierland website is very much user-friendly which is one of the primary reasons for its popularity as well. You have to log in to the website and click on ‘Browse.’ After clicking on the mentioned tab, you will see thousands of videos ready to be streamed. The list includes Movies as well as the TV shows. Choose the one you like amongst the several options, and you are ready to go.


Official Yify Website

When it comes to online movie streaming websites, Yify is the one who is giving a fierce competition to the sites like Rainierland and Solarmovie. One of the best things about the Yify website is the quality of the videos that it provides. You get to see the videos in the highest quality which is in High Definition. Such fantastic quality content and that too without any charges makes Yify one of the best alternatives for Solarmovie.


Movies.GG Website

Movies.GG is one of the best alternatives of the Solarmovie. The site is very well designed, and you can find the movies you want to watch very quickly. The movies and the TV series are sorted in many different ways like date wise, alphabetically and according to the genres as well. From oldest to the newest, and this Movie site has the collection of every movie you ever wanted to watch. This website can surely be the best option if you are thinking to switch from the solar movie.


Above mentioned are the best alternatives of solar movie you can enjoy the HD quality videos and movies free of cost on these sites. Each site has its own limitations and advantages all we need to do to search the website which is meeting our requirement and use it accordingly.

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