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Top 4 Reasons Women are Drinking Alcohol More Today

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The harmful use of alcohol has significantly contributed to both health and social burdens among communities, nations, and the world as a whole. According to various global studies, women, in particular, have depicted a significant rise in their alcohol consumption. Members of the fairer gender are partaking of liquor more than has ever been witnessed in history, narrowing the gap between them and the men regarding statistics on alcohol consumption.

While several factors might have led to the surge in the number of women partaking alcohol, key among these facets include:

Intensified advertising on alcoholic beverages designed explicitly for women


Over the years, the alcoholic beverages industry has increased its productions and campaigns on drinks explicitly targeting women consumers, persuading more ladies to spare and channel a portion of their budgets towards alcoholic beverages. According to various research published by the European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing, among other independent and reputable institutions, features of liquor tailored explicitly for women have been adjusted to appeal to dame regarding taste, alcoholic content, among other specifications. The luring advertising programmes have further been made impactful through partnerships between breweries and different women-oriented business brands that advertise booze alongside goods and services sought by women such as handbags, attire, and makeup.

Change in cultural and societal trends in regards to women and drinking

Even as alcohol problems continue to bombard the society with a plethora of negative impacts such as negligence of responsibilities and surging death tolls from drunk driving, the participation of women in social drinking at workplaces, as well as from home has been normalized. As a result of the continuous entrenchment of alcohol use by women into various societies, more women are taking advantage of these openings to drink. With the much anticipated ‘uplifting’ experiences from alcohol consumption and cultural normalization of the trend among women, beers, wines, and spirits now form part of the usual grocery list for most ladies.

Mounting pressure from roles played by women both at work and home

Apart from the proactive efforts to lure more women into drinking, a majority of women have an overwhelming list of responsibilities to take care of both at work and home. Atop enduring long working hours, they are expected to equally attend to their families back at home, straining them even more. Consequently, such women turn to alcohol for self-medication against stress and anxieties associated with mounting pressure from both work and home.

Diversified personal traits and lifestyles that attract binge or regular drinking

Coupled up with the factors above, there are those general personality traits that can easily lure women into drinking. For example, thrill-seeking and hyperactive ladies are likely to experiment with alcohol at various social settings, consequently cultivating a culture of drinking over time. On a different note, other women might embrace drinking as a remedy for anxiety and depression from whatever challenges or pressures they are experiencing in their lives. All in all, with the soaring and alarming drinking culture among women, measures to decrease the costs of alcoholism on women need to be implemented.

The drawback of Female Alcoholism

Sometimes it is very easy to identify alcoholic women. The woman who drinks wine every night has developed specific female alcoholic body shape. They gain weight rapidly. Fat distribution alters in the body. Women who drink mild to moderate sometimes do not show significant symptoms of alcoholism. But they feel hot in their body because mild to moderate alcohol consumption leads to thermogenesis.

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