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Find Your Perfect Hangout at The BLACK Cafe

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A Haven of Serenity

Imagine walking into a place that immediately feels comfortable, a place that feels like home. That is the experience you will have at BLACK. This cafe is a modest, quiet haven that reflects warmth and comfort. The warm, ambient lighting and comfy seating urge you to unwind, while the faint hum of conversation contributes to the welcoming ambiance.

What genuinely distinguishes BLACK is not just the fantastic atmosphere, but also the amazing behavior of the employees. They go out of their way to make every customer feel welcome and cherished with a warm smile. This warm approach and careful service provide an engaging, relaxed and a cozy environment.

Therefore, BLACK is the ideal place to relax after a hard day or meet friends for coffee and conversation or sometimes you can also bring your loved ones here. With its outstanding service and sense of community, it’s more than simply a café—it’s a home away from home. Step inside and let the great atmosphere and exceptional service overwhelm you. You will not be disappointed.

Quality at a Reasonable Price

“A place with such a fantastic atmosphere must surely come with a hefty price tag, right?” some of you might be wondering. So, get ready to be pleasantly surprised. Despite the exceptional quality of the food and beverages on offer, BLACK’s rates are fairly cheaper than any other cafeterias.


This means you may enjoy a nice lunch or a cup of perfectly crafted coffee without fear of burning a hole in your wallet. It’s a place where you may enjoy life’s finer pleasures without breaking the budget. So, whether you’re a coffee expert or a foodie, BLACK provides an affordable luxury experience that will satisfy both your palate and your wallet.

Friendly and Welcoming Staff

Employees at BLACK café are the restaurant’s backbone. Their excellent and warm personality genuinely distinguishes this café. Specially their branch manager (Jihadi) he is a very hard-working soul and has an ambition towards coffee making. Upon entering, you will immediately feel their genuine kindness and warmth. They go above and beyond to ensure that every single consumer is happy.

However, it’s not all about the friendly greetings and smiles. The careful service and the sense of being cherished and appreciated are what make a visit to BLACK café so memorable. The employees at BLACK café do more than just serve coffee and food; you can feel their efforts and love when you give a sip to their coffees.


They create an atmosphere of warmth and welcome that makes you feel like you’re a member of the BLACK café family. So come on in, enjoy the outstanding service, and leave feeling cherished and appreciated. Every customer is treated as a valued guest at BLACK café.

Introducing the Barista

Did you know there’s a barista who’s famous on social media as well as a coffee expert? He’s an expert with an affection for coffee and a talent for providing excellent customer service. His pleasant manner spreads to everyone, from customers to passersby. His abilities and demeanor are impeccable, and he even has a social media presence dedicated to his coffee adventure. He discusses everything from his poor beginnings to his expertise of customer service. What’s more, guess what? He’s a TikTok sensation, with over a million likes and counting! You can follow him on-Facebook

Barista’s Side Hustle

Our barista works full-time, yet he goes above and beyond. During his spare time, he imparts knowledge to others on the art of preparing high-quality coffee. But his lessons aren’t limited to coffee. He also teaches how to deal with consumers and deal with rush hour chaos. Do you want to learn from him? He charges reasonable fees for classes and often provides students discounts. Isn’t it a great deal? You can contact him via Mail or can directly call him for further information- 01741834461

The Benefits of Working as a Barista

Have you ever considered the advantages of working as a barista? It’s an uncommon yet useful skill to have. Consider taking a long vacation and employing your barista abilities to work part-time at a neighboring cafe. Not only would you earn some extra money, but your interpersonal and time management skills would also improve significantly.

Coffee Barista

Job Opportunities Abroad:Are you aware that baristas are in high demand internationally? As the quantity of cafes grows, they are able to provide competitive hourly compensation. Many citizens of our nation acquire this ability and then relocate to other countries in search of a better existence. Who then knows? Potentially, your barista abilities will secure you a more promising future.

A Prime Location

The location of BLACK cafe is at Bafwwa Shopping Complex BAF Shaheen college gate, shop -9-ground floor cantonment Dhaka -BLACK CAFE (01629928153). Nestled in a bustling area, it’s easily accessible, making it a convenient stop for your daily coffee fix or a leisurely meal. But don’t let the busy location fool you.

Once you step inside BLACK café, you’re transported into a peaceful haven, far removed from the noise and rush of the city life outside. It’s like stepping into a serene bubble where time slows down, allowing you to relax and enjoy your coffee peacefully. So, despite being in the city’s heart, BLACK café offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle, making it the perfect urban retreat. Isn’t it wonderful to find a place to enjoy the best of both worlds?

A Cozy Challenge

BLACK café is a charming little spot, with its small size contributing to its comfortable and intimate vibe. This quality, however, can be a bit of a challenge. The café can become rather crowded during peak hours, reflecting the popularity of this hidden gem. You may occasionally find yourself waiting for a table, especially during peak hours the students like to hang out there as there is a school beside.


Once seated, the close quarters add to the intimacy but can also seem a little uncomfortable. However, this is all part of BLACK café’s distinct character. Every nook is warm, and every seat offers the opportunity to be a part of the café’s active community. So, while the café’s size may be challenging, it also lends to its distinct charm and character. After all, excellent things frequently arrive in modest packages.


In summary, BLACK café is a hidden gem that provides a fantastic blend of a wonderful atmosphere, reasonable costs, pleasant service, a prime location, and a romantic setting. Despite its small size, it has a big heart and is ready to welcome you into its loving embrace.

Why put off experiencing this enchantment? Step inside BLACK café and let its warmth and hospitality seduce you. You’ll be fascinated by its distinct appeal the moment you step in. It’s more than simply a café; it’s an experience that will leave you with happy memories and a desire to return. So come on in; BLACK café is ready to serve you a bit of its enchantment. Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed.

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