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5 Coolest Ideas for Brochure Design

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Expert designers better know the importance of brochure design. Just in case, if any of you think that the rapid change in the technology has eliminated the trend of brochures, then no. You absolutely thought incorrectly. Brochures are still considered one of the best yet effective marketing tools—all of those details of the product captured in a unique design with perfect alignment.

Unlike other designs, brochures and its layout also keep changing from time to time. Although, another fun fact about brochures is that where these are the most considered effective tools of marketing on the other side, the same brochures exerts huge pressure on the designers. You must be wondering why? Well, the marketers always demand designers to go all catchy and attractive with the brochure design. If you are the one, then you accurately feel the pain.


By the way, have you ever thought that why the ‘best design’ of 2019 is not the preference of customers anymore? I mean, there was a time when everyone was giving a thumbs-up to that design, and now the same design has become trash. This is because, just like every year, the fashion trend changes similarly, the trend in graphic designing also gets modified.

If you are in need, then we can suggest five coolest designs of 2020, which can make you stand out from the crowd. Let’s start focusing on all trending tricks which the expert designers are using in the present time.

Geometry is no more boring

Oh yeah, who knew boring things could turn into a factor of attraction. Thanks to graphic designers. At this moment, you might have come across many designs in which their geometrical shapes are aligned creatively, like a hexagon, pentagon, and many others. Apparently, almost all of the best brochure design services in the UAE are following the trend of geometric shapes in the brochure. One of the main reasons for using geometrical shapes is that it helps in creating negative and positive space easily. This way, the brochure does not look cliché with that huge description added in the section. Also, the shapes also help in marking the line of difference between the designs and information.

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Illustrations and illusions

This is my favorite trend so far. I mean, the illustrations work best when it comes to catching the attention of the audience. Converting all those flat images into the flashy piece of art and then using the illustrations to convey the message. Sounds brilliant. Actually, it looks brilliant too. What about you? Have you seen any illustrated brochure design? If not, then I would say that you haven’t entered into the year 2020. Because the trend of creating brochure illusions through illustrations is going exceptionally viral, let me tell you that not in all brands, the idea of illustration could work. There are certain limits. Like, in highly corporative companies, this idea could get flop. However, for some photography studio, artistic companies, and like other similar brands, this could work as the best technique of grabbing attention.

Fictional reality

Isn’t this sound a little weird? Like using two different terms, fictional and reality together. Well, the designers are actually justifying these two terms in a remarkable way. Maybe some of you came across those 3D brochures which give a complete oh-wow effect. Yeah, 3D brochures are trending in 2020, and we all better know why. Enhancing the factor of reality even in the fictional elements is all that our designers are doing, and we can’t thanks them enough to all of them. At last, now we do not have to look at those boring cliché brochures anymore. If this news was not less than a surprise for you, then I would suggest you search for the 3D designers now and catch on the graphic designing trend 2020 now.

Flashy and gel colors

Who knew that even colors could have different varieties too unless of those, blue, dark blue, light blue, and the list goes on and on and on. Anyways, saw the (corporative) brochures made in the flashy colors like bright yellow, mustard, or other neon colors? No, it was not the designers. It is the designing trend which he followed. Yes, since, according to the color psychology, flashy colors work effectively when it comes to catching a glimpse of the audience; thus, designers didn’t miss the chance to avail of this opportunity. And oh, how can we skip the gel colors. These are the types of shades in which the designers play with warm colors, and white light affect. Ah, if you have experienced this, then I must say that none of you could deny how fascinating that effect looks.

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Rugged elements

In case, if any of you have bad handwriting then don’t hesitate to accept because your flaw (which is actually not a flaw) has become a powerful tool for the designers. In many of the brochure designs, to paly trickily, designers are using handwritten elements, and we can’t resist saying ‘perfect’ to those designs. Of course, experts know how to sound and look professional even with those rugged elements. That’s the real charm which not everyone could capture. I mean, using useless elements like precious tools.

Apart from this, experts also rugged elements to create awareness too. But, the major focus is to grab the attention. Let’s imagine someone handed you a brochure, and there you saw a handwritten alphabet within all professional papers. Of course, your attention would divert, and you will get curious to know why the designer did this. Maybe some of you think that it happened by mistake. No, in fact, you are a mistake because the design was intentionally proposed like this.

I know all of these ideas are almost like a surprise for many beginners. Don’t worry; once you start integrating these coolest ideas, you will know for what purpose these designs are trending. After all, practice makes a man perfect.

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