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The Evolution of Digital Comics

The Evolution of Digital Comics

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Cartoons in newspapers started way back in the mid-1700. Since then, a lot of people have become obsessed with cartoons and comics. In the early 1900s, the first animation was created and eventually, we have enjoyed comics in various ways.

The Evolution of Digital Comics

Seeing the evolution of comics over the years is amazing. Given the fact that it started a long time ago and it remains relevant until now show how entertained people are. The best part is that these comics are now available on digital platforms.

The Evolution of Digital Comics

If you grew up reading comics printed in low-quality papers, you will most likely enjoy webtoons. It is as if you are reading comics the way you used to but on a different platform.

This time, it is read on a smartphone or computer. You can also flip the pages just like how you do it on actual comics. The visuals are better though. They are sharper and the colors are more fascinating.

Sound effects are also available if you want to add more excitement and drama in what you are reading. This makes webtoons halfway between watching videos and reading comics. The entire experience is totally different.

Given the increase in the number of people reading these webtoons, it only means that there will be more readership in the long run. Even in places where you don’t expect Japanese comics to be popular in North and South America, they are gaining more popularity.

The percentage of people who have read comics on a digital platform has drastically increased in recent years. Although online comics were available back then, it was only recently when readers have taken them seriously.

You should be a part of it. Find out more about webcomics through the infographics below. You might just be hooked up too like a lot of other people. Here goes the infographic of The Evolution of Digital Comics.

The Evolution of Digital Comics

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