5 Best choices for garage floor paint

empty garage stone floor
empty garage stone floor
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While making our house, we all think of having a fancy garage, as well. But often, the garage floor aspect is missed by us. We may be the owner of the trendy looking garage, with all the amenities, lighting fixtures, and fancy cars parked inside. But we often overlook the floor paint concerning the garages we own. A ratty and bare garage floor will always bring down the appearance of the garage. The more straightforward method is to paint the floors. Many paints tend to crack, peel, and get chips. You have to be sure of choosing the right product before applying the floor paints.

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Not every floor paints are appropriate ones or cater to similar use. Some are latex-based, while others have a base of acrylic. The garage floor coverings are epoxy-made. They are technically not painted. Instead, they act as protective coverings on the garage floors. Epoxy enabled solutions comes into two parts. A suitable base and a hardener comprise of the same. When it dries, the epoxy coatings leave a durable surface behind, then a painted one. Those who prefer DIYs, these types of paints come out to be helpful.

Read on the following article to gain some knowledge on the best of concrete floor paints and various kinds of epoxies, along with their positive and negative aspects. The following five best choices for your garage floor paint will be of great value, when you plan to furnish, or re-furnish your garage floors, along with its inside décor.

Garage Floor Paints and its variations

As mentioned above, the garage floor paints are in general made of an epoxy, latex, polyurea coating, and also urethane solutions. The following differentiation will aid you in taking a stoic decision while choosing the garage floor paints.

The durability factor of any acrylic paint is less, as compared to the latex type of floor paints. They are inexpensive garage floors and common ones too. Thus they are easily found in local retail outlets or online sites.

The paints having an epoxy base are technically not proper. They are protective floor covers. Any kind of epoxy solution is thick and durable, while making the concrete floor secure, and protecting against the cracks and various damages caused due to car grease and paints. But then, they take longer to get dried up, and sometimes weeks.

Use the Urethane floor, paints concrete floor paintings. But they are not so common ones, owing to their constant factor. Moreover, the Polyureas products are better ones over concrete floors. But they are pocket-pinching than the others. 

  • Valspar Premium Clear Epoxy Kit – garage floor paint

Valspar premium light epoxy kit is transparent coating garage floor paints, as compared to the solid ones. This kind of paint gifts your garage floor with shine and sleekness and used as the right floor covering. If you happen to be having an epoxy garage floor, you can then get the same covered with Valspar, acting as additional protection. They are sturdy, with double the strength as compared to any ordinary ones. You require a roller to apply it over the garage floor and can do it on your own. A single can of Valspar covers about 500-600 square feet of garage floors.

The positive aspects of Valspar are its shiny texture, which thus lasts long, sturdy, and reasonably priced. The harmful elements consist of it being difficult during the application, with limited use. The outcome shows that Valspar is a decent looking clear coat of paint, which provides an extra protective layer.

  • Quikrete Epoxy Kit – garage floor paint

Quikrete Epoxy Kit

Quikrete’s epoxy kit for your garage floors are long-lasting but is a bit difficult during its application. The product as a whole is a bit difficult to apply, for it is self-leveling in nature. It is runny, causing a bit of difficulty while using on the floors. This kind of epoxy-based flooring is worth considering, owing to its durability factor. Apply the same on wet and clean cement. Prepare your garage floor in a proper manner so that the paint lasts longer, and the whole procedure is not too time-consuming. Though the color is a bit pricey but is worth the value. The decisive factor concerning this garage paint is it is very glossy and durable. While it was costly and confusing in the application, it points towards the negative factor. Though being long-lasting and shiny, it is hard to apply. So, think practically before spending the same over your garage floors.

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  • UGL Dry-Lok Epoxy Semi-Gloss – garage floor paint

UGL Dry-lok garage floor paint is thick, leaving a rubbery and glassy texture behind, once applied. You have to use at least a couple of coats to get the best result. It is hassle-free in the application, as compared to other epoxy-based garage floor paints. The whole thing is pocket-friendly, but not too long-lasting. Apply a single clear epoxy coat on top of the leading color to add on to the durability. The decisive factors include the paint’s inexpensive element and its easy application. But you have to apply a couple of coats to get the result. If you are a hard-core DIYer, then this particular paint will work wonders on your garage floors, with a touch of your creative genius!

  • Super-coat Epoxy – garage floor paint

Super-coat Epoxy

The Super-coat Epoxy Floor Paint is a high graded epoxy coating, which is pocket-friendly, long-lasting, and readily available in any suitable hardware store. It is available in many colors, applied easily. The dual part epoxy makes the product a bit tricky while using. But after application, the results are any day better than many pricey ones. Apply the same on clean and dry floors to get the best results. If you are an owner of a big garage, which accommodated two cars at a time, then you require to purchase two-three units of the same paint. Apply a single coat, and wait for some time before applying the second coat. It dries up fast, so you do not have to wait long during its application. The paint is easy to work upon, with its color variants. Owing to its limited coverage area, you have to purchase more than a couple of units. This high-end epoxy garage floor paint lasts long but is a bit pricey.

  • Epoxy-Seal Concrete – Garage Floor Paint

This kind of paint is a blend of 1:3 parts of the acrylic and epoxy base. With the aid of a roller brush, apply this particular paint on the Garage Door and the floors. Single gallon paint can have the ability to cover approximately 400-500 square feet of flooring. Colors are limited, and thus this paint is readily available in tones of grey, muddy grey, and sandy. The whole thing is sold as a white or deeper shade of white-based primer product. Apply at least three to four coats to get the final satisfactory result. Prepare the garage floor to get a good result. The whole outcome is very much a presentable one, and affordable too.

Apply on the whole garage floor on your own without too much difficulty. It dries up fast, leaving no further trace. But you need to have multiple coats before using the same to get the right result. Though pricey, its numerous layers will come up with an outstanding achievement.

Think practically


The most missing aspect of us is the garage floors. How much we decorate the interiors, but if the garage floors are not good-looking ones, then the whole décor will never be appreciated. Not all floor paints are equal or can be applied very easily. You have to be aware of the pros and cons concerning the print quality, and also should know the exact application procedure of whichever paint you chose for your garage floor. Some are acrylic-based ones, while the other is latex ones. You have to be very careful while making the whole selection. The above five garage floor paint options act as the best choices which you can make during paint selection. Think practically, keeping all the positive and negative aspects in mind to get the best results.

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