How to Help Your Child Develop Confidence this Summer

child develop confidence
child develop confidence
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This summer is a beautiful opportunity for your child to develop confidence, the lack of which can significantly impact the academic performance of the child. Confidence is your child’s belief in themselves and their abilities; it is a sense of assurance and the ability to know that they can achieve anything if they put their best foot forward and try hard enough.

Students need confidence for success in their academic journey. Having conducted a study on building confidence, here are some suggestions from tutoring Calgary academy that your child can use this summer. Note that the key is to set up a new goal that stretches your child’s ability — where the students will have to try hard to achieve it. This entails moving beyond the comfort zone.

Learn public speaking

Even for adults today, public speaking can be a serious challenge. This is why it is such a fantastic idea to learn it at an early age. Typically, children have less mental burden compared to adults. Therefore, children are usually in an interactive mood with friends, and it is easier for them to step outside their comfort zone.

Our Brain Adventure summer camp offers a one-week of training on Speech Presentation. We build the children’s ability to speak in front of others in a step-by-step manner. For example, we first ask the campers to introduce themselves, then guide them into talking about any story about themselves. We also have speech “games,” where our campers pick up a speech topic from a hat (virtual) and talk about it. This impromptu speaking is entertaining and trains your child to speak on his/her feet. Click here to learn more. 

The 10km Challenge — Jogging or Biking

To have your child jog/bike with you over a long distance will help them learn how to focus on a goal (for instance, meeting the 10km). This will build their focusing skill. To make the process a bit less demanding, your child can start small, from 1km, then 2km, 3km, and gradually building up over the summer. Both parent and child can take breaks and engage in healthy exercise!

Reading Challenge


This is another way to develop self-confidence in a child. You can have your child read three novels by the end of the summer. This improves the child’s reading comprehension skills while also setting a goal that they can meet. It is gratifying to finish one book, and each milestone finished will encourage him/her to get through the next one.

Research on a topic and teach other children

Your child can research a range of challenging topics on any of the following ideas: 

  • Geometry
  • Irrational numbers, and 
  • Einstein

Once your child is done learning, he/she can then teach the other kids via zoom. This generally gives them a sense of expertise, thereby helping them develop confidence. Researching new topics will expose young students to new interests and knowledge. When a student teaches other kids what he/she has learned, it will help him/her to build their oral communication skills.

Final Words

The importance of confidence can hardly be overemphasized in academic learning. Without confidence, students will most likely struggle with simple activities like speaking in front of other kids, communicating effectively, and doing well in their grades. To boost your child’s or ward’s confidence, you can enroll them in the Brain Adventure Summer Camp program. 

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