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Future Car
Future Car
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It is a no-brainer that our cars are becoming smarter by the day and the roads are becoming more accommodative for these innovations. Automakers are either competing amongst themselves in enhancing vehicle technologies or they are after meeting the ever-increasing demand for smarter cars. According to many auto experts, there is always something better that is about to get rolled out when it comes to vehicles.

For those who are keen to analyze this, you may have noticed that the latest models of any brand are equipped with numerous innovation devices aimed at making the vehicles safer, comfortable, and more efficient. This tells us that the future has a lot more in store. Here are the coolest vehicle technology innovations that are expected in future cars.

Future Car Technology
Future Car Technology

Augmented Reality

This is one of the most awaited vehicle technologies that movies predicted long ago. It is now a reality because some automakers have already integrated it. They contribute to smarter cabins because they display information right in front of the driver on the windscreen. How cool is it to get your phone notifications, the vehicle speed, and a lot more right on the windscreen? Well, this technology will be a game-changer in the industry when it is fully rolled out. Fleet cars will have a lot to smile about because the driver will see notifications of communications from the head office without having to pull over.

Cellular Technology in Cars

We have been using cellular networks on our phones and we know that they are primarily used for communication. Today, people can access the internet through cellular networks. Automakers are interested in using these cellular networks for communication and internet access. Some brands have started using them and the vehicle can take advantage of any open hotspot in any part of the world to let the passengers access the internet.

Soon, a person will be able to call through the infotainment system on their dashboard without connecting their phone. Fleet vehicles will also enjoy this tech solution as they will communicate better and in real-time with their head office.

More Interactive Cars

Mercedes Benz and other high-end automakers have been on the frontline in making cars that can receive verbal instructions. Currently, drivers are using Amazon Alexa technology to control music in their vehicles verbally. The software can also search for music, videos, and games online if the car is connected.

Future cars are expected to receive almost every instruction verbally, especially when the autonomous vehicles fill the roads. What’s more is that this technology will also let the vehicle give some responses that are logical to the car users for better interaction.

Smarter Navigation and Mapping Solutions

You probably already hate getting caught up in heavy traffic. But as you struggle to maneuver through it, there is probably another route that is clear. But how could you have known this? Well, the good news is that automakers are now coming up with integrated navigation and mapping software. They make use of GPS and other signals to find the status of roads within a city or a certain location. However, you can also add these solutions to your fleet cars now by visiting EyeRide Online for more information.

Autonomous Cars

Self-driven cars will be with us any moment now. The primary challenge that innovators are facing are roads that are not yet accommodative to the cars. They need to communicate with other vehicles and various signals on the roads for a smooth ride. When all of this is ready, everyone will be able to sit in a car and enjoy a ride without driving. Amazing? Yes, it is.

More Entertaining Cabins

More good news is that cars will have more entertaining cabins. As of now, only luxury cars have a tablet for each passenger that they can use to access the internet, play music, and even access emails. But in the future, this will be a standard in all vehicles.

Better cabins will also see high-end seats that can massage and adapt to the needs of the users, especially the driver’s seat. Rolls Royce has already rolled out a customizable roof with stars that can be dimmed or brightened.


Some of these innovations may seem like they are very far away, but they are soon coming to almost every new car. So, as you plan to upgrade in the near future, you probably need to be on the lookout for these features. There are many other auto innovations on the way including the upgrades of what we already have right now.

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