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Behind the Ads

Dissecting the Story Behind the Ads We often see!

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I want to ask you a question, not a personal one, just an ordinary doubt that I have meant to clear.

The question is;

Can I get a loan with bad credit and no guarantor?

I told you it wasn’t anything philosophical. However, the question is fundamental to the person who is asking it, being me.

I want a loan like that, and I am asking you if you know anything about it.

Now, there is a high likelihood that you may not have an answer, and there is nothing wrong with that, every person cannot be aware of everything.

So, if you were in my position, what would you do?

I am sure you would do the same thing as me, go to a know-it-all and find your answer. The present-day know-it-all is not a Wiseman, but a search engine, primarily Google.

If you have ever searched on Google, which you must have at some point even today, you would have noticed that the first few results are almost always ads.

Type the question I asked on the search bar, and you would know I mean.

So, here comes another question,

Why would a Search Engine as successful as Google would give out ads for small businesses as its top results?

And this is why we are here. It is not just Google that does it; social media like Facebook and YouTube are also inundated with ads. You cannot watch a popular video on YouTube without being paused by an advertisement that is, of course, if you do not have an ad-free subscription.

This commonality between these giant internet moguls should have a reason, right?

There has to be a term defining the incorporation of ads by these corporations.

Can you think what it can be?

Behind the Ads

Affiliate Marketing

Let me charm you with my technical knowledge now.

Affiliate marketing is a concept that allows a business to advertise its products and services through another business or person.

The marketer would bring to notice the business’ excellence in innovations through an ad he/she/it would post on his/her/its online handle.

An everyday example of this concept is when we go to a salon.

If it has an app, the app would ask you to refer a friend, and when that friend uses your referral code, you get a discount, which is you saving money, so you have an extra income.

Google pay has this feature as well, and there are so many other applications that do it as well, earning your rewards on the go. I have made plenty through referrals.

When an organization asks you to refer a friend, it is indirectly asking you to advertise their products and services and help in generating more sales for them.

So, you are promoting third party products to make some money by helping the third party make some sales.

Take the same concept to a grander scale, and you have affiliate marketing as your answer.

The Business’ Standpoint

The business benefits the most through affiliate marketing. The primary reason for the same is that it will target their audience, creating awareness about the business’ product that will satisfy their needs, so there is no doubt that they will not buy it.

These two examples will help you understand better.

  • Google will only show your ad as a result if you fit what the user has typed in the search bar. It means the user will click on your link and there is a high probability that he will make a purchase.
  • And the same is the case with Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Have you ever searched anything on Amazon and not bought it? You must have. And after that search, you would find the ad for the same product displaying on Facebook and YouTube so much, and you are compelled to buy it because it keeps reminding you.

So, affiliate marketing helps a business to grow its sales even more so that the billboards ever will.

Indulging, in this concept, becomes a no-brainer for the business since it gives it an enhanced market presence along with increased revenue.

What does the Marketer get in Return?

The business that is promoting the products gets more revenue. What does the marketer get?

The marketer gets an income that can easily support him and his expenses if he goes full-time.

The affiliate marketer will get;

  • An income for promoting and advertising the business’ products on his website or social media account.
  • A piece of profits from every sale that happened through clicks on the ads he posted on his webpage.

You can build a fortune through affiliate marketing.

Google, Facebook, and YouTube earn a substantial proportion of their income through the third party ads they promote on their applications and websites.

Even if you do have an organization, you can make money as a single being as well. The social media influencers have been doing it for years. They use a product, they like it, so they promote it on their social media handle.

Why else do you think they give us a referral code that would provide us with a discount if they weren’t making anything out of it?

You know you have used an influencer code for a product an influencer promoted, building revenue for the product manufacturer and earning an income for the affiliate marketer, being the influencer.

Winding Up

All in all, affiliate marketing is a pretty useful concept for all three parties involved.

The buyer gets awareness about new products and services;

And like we have discussed, the other two are swimming in bucket loads of cash.

In the end, I would like to enlighten you some more. Remember the question I asked you in the beginning.

So, I went on Google and actually did find an answer and applied for that loan with just a few mouse clicks. The ad Google displayed for AOne Credit was precisely what I was looking for.

All thanks to the brilliance of affiliate marketing.

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Today ads have become so commonplace that we take notice when we haven’t seen a billboard for long. The internet is turning out to be another lucrative destination for ads. Let us find out how.

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