The Food Wars: Appetite vs. Hunger

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It’s easy to confuse the two. Especially since both terms simply mean your body is wanting food. However, understanding the difference between both the terms could be your savior when you decide to devour the second helping of dessert. From there is too much information about diets, trends and new fads, there isn’t enough info about why it’s important to know when to eat and when you probably don’t need to.

Breaking it Down

When it comes to hunger, you know the feeling all too well. From the sound of thunder and hunger pangs, you know you need to eat. In other words, you’re hungry. However, this doesn’t mean that the need to eat is you have an appetite. Having an appetite means that you desire food.


See the difference? The contrast lies between the words need and want. You may need the food if you haven’t eaten all day, and at that point, you also desire it. In other words, the two terms overlap, which is where the confusion stems from. When you hear the phrase “I just lost my appetite,” it does translate to your desire to eat vanishing. While you may be hungry, those without an appetite fail to eat as they should. An appetite is long-term, whereas hunger is more of an in-the-moment thing. You can hear someone telling you that they have a large appetite for Chinese takeout, which means they’re fonder of it than most foods.

Set Your Sights on Satiety

Satiety is the feeling of satisfaction after eating a meal. If you’ve ever felt too full of walking, you’ve probably had more than you needed to. By focusing on satiety, you end up eating as much as you need and not as much as you want. This is a good approach to eating, and while there’s nothing wrong with fuelling up on your favorite food from time to time. It’s best to use this approach, especially when you’re considering losing weight.

Eat Filling Foods

Eat foods that are filling, and at the same time, of high nutritional value. This reduces the need to eat more of the same thing and keeps you in line with satiety, as mentioned above.

Consider Supplements

If you’re a middle-aged individual with a need to boost your appetite or try to reduce it, acv supplements are probably your best bet. With the market now flooding with “weight loss pills,” it’s important to know what you’re looking for and that it’s prescribed to you by a dietician.

Eating Rituals

Before every meal, try drinking a glass of water. The next time you see yourself in the kitchen wandering about looking for food to scarf down, think about quenching your thirst. Often at times, your body is asking for water instead of food, something which the mind doesn’t always seem to get. So grab that glass of water before you grab a plate!

In addition to this, you want to make sure that you don’t end up too heavily dependent on supplements and cater more to altering your diet. If you want to know the Top 10 Habits To Lose Weight, you can visit the link also.

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