Guide on Benefits of 3CX Business Phone Systems in 2021

3CX Business Phone
3CX Business Phone
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VoIP technology has proven to be very useful for businesses all over the world. Moving voice communications from payphone services to the Internet makes calls and multimedia sharing fast, reliable, accessible, and scalable. Of course, there are many different VoIP providers and options for moving your communications from the public telephone network to the Internet.

VoIP has different options and a combination of old and new technologies, but VoIP offers many business advantages. Even so, many are confused about how it works.

VoIP sends data similar to email or Office 365. VoIP converts voice communication into data and sends it over the network. Because of this feature, VoIP does not require a traditional telephone line to make calls using an Internet connection. No more expensive long-distance calls! Here is a short explanation.

Second, another great benefit of VoIP telephony is the avoidance of regular telephone service charges. All business telephone services such as mobility, video conferencing, and calling authorities, including local, long-distance, and tolls, can be consolidated with one VoIP provider.

What is the 3CX Phone System?

The 3CX Phone System for Windows is an award-winning software-based business phone system that replaces traditional in-house hardware replacements. It is easy for system administrators to manage as it integrates well with the Windows network infrastructure.

The 3CX Phone System uses and builds on VoIP technology to provide a prevalent standard open communication system. The software development company, also known as 3CX. Nick Galea first discovered it in 2005. Soon after that company kept on improving the product and keep on expanding its market.

Why Should You Switch To 3CX Phone System?

Other things make 3CX an excellent choice for businesses. Easy to set up and use and service by many offices worldwide, including one of Australia’s trenches. This system has also been tested extensively by many of the trusted companies. Companies like Mitsubishi, American Express, Wilson Sporting Goods, and other well-known companies use 3CX for their communications. And while these are all large enterprises, the system’s scalability makes it easier and more affordable for small businesses to start.

The current global pandemic has seen an irresistible trend towards remote working, with the entire workforce doing their jobs from home. This forces companies to consider and invest in communications technology – and for many, 3CX is the first choice for the reasons mentioned above. You can use a softphone with a laptop or other device at home. It is ideal for working from home or remotely, especially when work involves many calls, conferencing, videos, or other communication with clients and colleagues.

Advantages of 3CX Phone System

3CX phone systems are ideal for small businesses that want a VoIP phone system with many features that don’t break the bank. The 3CX is a server-mounted software-based telephone system that enables fully enhanced control of calls, conference calls, and other unified communication functions.

  • Enterprise-Grade Communication

Windows and Mac software, iOS and Android apps, and web-based clients work seamlessly together and ensure unmatched connectivity and mobility. Users can make and receive calls, see where colleagues are, schedule conferences, join web meetings, transfer calls, and much more.

With 3CX capabilities, small businesses can get the same unified communications standards as larger businesses – without breaking the bank. Your employees can make and receive calls, schedule conferences, attend meetings, forward calls to relevant team members, and more.

  • Scalable

Adding or removing phone lines is a massive headache – and we’re not talking about the costs of staying connected.

With 3CX, you can expand or scale up your communication services quickly and easily. The process is as simple as adding or removing email addresses.

With 3CX, you can use the existing network infrastructure without rewriting it yourself. Your IT team can easily integrate other business applications into 3CX for increased productivity and customer service. Adding or removing phone lines is as easy as adding or deleting a company email account.

  • Integrate Seamlessly

3CX integrates with CRM, Office365, and other popular software packages. Employees can set up pop-ups for calls, magazines, and other time-saving features that simplify workflows across various applications.

You can even add the Click2Call 3CX extension to Chrome and Firefox. It allows users to dial numbers directly from the website or CRM system with one click.

  • Supports Remote Work

Using an IP phone connected to the internet connection at home, your employees can stay in touch with managers, colleagues, and customers. Business phone systems can also facilitate communication via cell phones, laptops, computers, and tablets using the 3CX mobile application, including smartphone applications for chat and messaging, 3CX WebMeeting (video conferencing) applications, 3CX Windows / PC clients, and 3CX web clients.

  • Delivers Efficient Management

Install 3CX phone system without additional cables. It makes it more cost-effective to implement in your company. Many extensions and unified communication links originate from a single portal, which saves valuable time. Internal management by your company or your business phone system provider can give you remote services, eliminating the need to schedule a time waiting for a technician to arrive.

  • Easy To Use Features

When communicating over the Internet, you get features such as video/web conferencing, mobile client, and click-to-call functionality that you can use to increase productivity at no additional cost. Employees also enjoy working on their own mobile devices.

  • Mobility

3CX includes an iOS and Android app that allows users to create and receive office numbers on their cell phones. Apart from that, this mobile app has features like visual voicemail and call recording.

  • Offers Multi-Layer Channels

Always notify everyone so critical deadlines meet due to seamless availability. The 3CX telephone system configures to integrate live chat, email, video, and audio conferencing. Employees can use this business phone system to share updates, reflect on, and collaborate to increase productivity and stay at work.


The 3CX Phone System comes standard with a wide range of enterprise-class features built-in. It makes it more cost-effective than traditional PBX systems, which require you to purchase additional modules and upgrades to access different features.

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