7 Online marketing tools that will help you with SEO

7 Online marketing tools that will help you with SEO
7 Online marketing tools that will help you with SEO
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7 powerful online marketing tools that you can use to further your website’s SEO campaign. You can use these seven online marketing tools to advance your SEO!

Online marketing is an expanding field right in the digital sector. With more and more of us becoming technologically advanced and going digital and doing everything digitally, life has been becoming simpler in terms of convenience.

It is imperative to know that most of our time is spent on these technological platforms! For example, no one watches television anymore, and they are being replaced now by various OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, or even Hulu!

7 Online marketing tools that will help you with SEO

Thus, our attention span is no longer focused on television; therefore, television ads are getting a much less viewer count. Consequently, we’ve devised digital ads in all formats to grab the user’s attention! From video ads on OTT platforms and YouTube channels to simple clickable ads on websites and inside apps.

This way, the media content makers can still promote brands and monetize some of them through ads. And again, by following through this way, the ads are becoming ever-lasting in this universe just by changing their platforms! They grab the audience’s attention through the channel that most audiences spend their time on!

7 Online marketing tools

This digitization of ads also returned to the widespread trend of digital marketing! Making it a vast field to partake in! Targeting ads to specific audience members is extremely necessary, and that happens with the help of determining and targeting the right audience and making your content and its products worth exploring, creative, and easier to access. That’s where our SEO comes in!

SEO is an emerging skill and sector for digital and online content marketing! It is a way to make your content stand out and top the search list, beat the competition, and contain fantastic creative ideas for the audience to pique their interests and top the charts! SEO is a skill that masters the use of keywords in every single aspect of the content and makes use of data analytics to understand the reach, growth, and difficulties of the content (as to why it is not working to its potential or reaching its desired results on time or sooner).

For instance, websites like Breakout escape rooms also provide a service like a birthday celebration. So, their keyword can be “Birthday celebration,” and they use this keyword in their content to be top on search engines.

It works by improving all the problems, analyzing the competition, and even working/collaborating with brands to reach their targeted potential. It is a skill to minimize work and put your content on the list! To make things easier, people hire various people as an SEO team to work on the content, and then there are several apps to help you do all the work much more efficiently, conveniently, and in less time. So, to help you with SEO, we are here with some help to find several tools online for marketing!

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Here are the seven online marketing tools to help you with SEO:

Google Search Console:

Most of our websites are from Google search since it is the most widely used search engine worldwide! Most SEO needs help with website marketing, and we need help with that! And thus, this is from Google to do your SEO right! It is direct help from Google for your site’s growth on Google Search!

Google Search Console is a great marketing place as it contains all the possible tools for your website’s SEO and improving its reach in much broader aspects! It includes help with all the analytics about the website. It has keyword statistics, troubleshoots problems, and even gives you Google messages regarding the site. It also helps you analyze the site, daily traffic, and website growth. It’s all the things required for organic SEO marketing and provides you with a significant increase in that field.


It is a fantastic SEO platform with various tools at your feet! It is excellent for regular bloggers, freelancers, small businesses, and small content creators to use for marketing as it is very cheap compared to other products! It’s a little less popular, but it does the same great work for your website’s growth & its SEO. This app has many tools, like its KWFinder for keyword research, SERPChecker for SERP analysis, SERPWatcher for rank tracking, LinkMiner for backlink analysis, and SiteProfiler for website analysis. But the most famous one is the tool KWFinder, a cloud-based keyword research tool that will help you to develop the right keyword ideas for blog articles, website content, landing pages, and PPC ad copy.


Now, if you want to delve into keyword research and analysis since it is the main thing that gets your article to the top of the search history/list on any search engine, you can use this! You can search for any domain/website and see every place they’re showing up on Google: every keyword they’ve bought on Google Ads, all the organic ranks, and every ad variation in the last 16 years. They also teach you/give you methods as to how to connect with these domains as well.

It exposes the secret formula of your competitors on your plate, from keyword analysis to their growth rate. It gives you the data analytics of your competitors at a very fast interval of time. All you need to do is Spy on your competitors (as the name suggests!) and beat the competition!

SEO Analysis Tool


This one is an excellent tool for social media marketing! Like the above “SpyFu,” this one is for spying on social media secrets and strategies. It is basically about learning to manipulate social media secrets to your advantage. It can quickly uncover industry trends, issues, and influencers with informative and easy-to-interpret data.

Using these, you can expand how you do social media online marketing if that’s what’s included in your scheme of plans too. You can unravel the main topic of discussion buzzing around social media through that or even what brands people use and how you should advertise yourself. It also gives you ideas as to who you should do a sponsorship with or even collaborate with!

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We all add several toolbars or extensions to our browsers to advance their features further. This is a one-stop shop toolkit for all the requirements of SEO! It’s one of the most popular toolbars out of all that exists. It has everything and much more for SEO users. Average beginners would not be able to value the abundance of information this toolbar provides for SEO. But a working professional will know its value and how to use such data to advance the website further.

You can get information about various basic and advanced things like the number of visitors and their country, as well as a graph of a site’s traffic history, the Google index update, SEMRush ranking, backlinks, Facebook likes, Bing index, Alexa ranks, web archive age, and a link of the collaborations of websites with each other on the internet. It provides you with enough data and analysis of the problems that will make it pretty easy to understand the game of SEO.


This marketing software mixes two of the most important aspects of SEO and its workings. It includes several SEO tool kits like keyword analysis, daily traffic, data analysis, and much more but mixed with the troubleshooting part as it gives ideas to solve your problem, increase traffic and even keyword arguments. It is your content marketing solution. And this part of SEO is known as HubSpot’s content strategy tool.

The best part is that HubSpot’s SEO tools are intertwined with HubSpot’s content strategy tools and thus provide quick analysis of your site and easy and much faster solutions to follow through with it as well. It is a fantastic tool to use for all your SEO needs!

It is a very new tech that describes a lot of untapped potential of your thriving business model by providing you with google analytics as to what people have been searching all around the Globe in a much more geographical factor! This helps you target the audience of certain regional lands with the knowledge of keywords they have been aware of and searching for! It breaks the barrier for writing and provides quite a lot of information about several products out there!

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Make sure it only searches as a guideline and not as a fixed term. Use the data provided along with SEO specialists or even software like HubSpot to advance your website realistically. Using this can increase your traffic and make your site much more reachable, and succeed in showing up in search results!


You can use these seven online marketing tools to advance your SEO! Lastly, do let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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