8 Ways Praying Actually Benefits Your Health

praying benefit
praying benefit
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Praying is a source of strengthening the connection with the Creator. But, it is much more than this. If you are a spiritual person, you must be experiencing many other benefits of praying. Yes, this activity is beneficial for our physical and mental health. Many studies and scientific researches have proved this fact.

So, all those who are facing health-related issues can start praying regularly. If you are still not convinced, read the below points:

1. Improves Physical Health

Praying involves a lot of activity. Whether we talk about bowing, prostration, or bending, each of them improves our physical health. Here is how:

· Improves Blood Circulation

The position of prostration helps us stretch the body. For example, when we bend our back towards the knees, our thighs and backstretch perfectly. It works as a crunch for the abdominal muscles, consequently improving the blood flow.

· Cleanliness

Maintaining cleanliness is mandatory in spirituality, which improves physical health. For instance, if we take care of body cleanliness as per the prayer times, we maintain good hygiene. Therefore, washing hands, cleaning of face, and wearing hygienic clothes are all important for our overall well-being.

· Sets up a Routine

Sleeping late at night and waking up late can make us sick. But, spirituality is different. Morning prayers let us wake up early in the morning. Feeling the freshness of morning is highly beneficial for our physical health.

Furthermore, it sets up our routine. When we wake up early, we will automatically sleep on time. Thus, our lifestyle improves. In health issues like constipation, kidney stones, myasthenia gravis, and many others, doctors’ advice to manage lifestyle. Spiritual persons do not need to work hard on lifestyle management.

2. It makes us a Happy Human

Living a busy life, many of us feel frustrated and stressed out. However, those who pray regularly find ease even in chaotic circumstances. Prayers develop a hormone called “Dopamine,” the one that we produce after eating chocolates. It is often referred to as a “happy hormone.” Production of this hormone makes us feel happy.

3. Increases Self Control

Facing exhaustion and getting urges to fight are common. But, those who are close to their Creator have a belief that increases their self-control. This power intensifies, especially after prayers. When we pray, we believe that everything happening with us is with the will of God. Therefore, we find it easier to ignore things and accept challenges.

People with impulse control disorder can improve their condition through praying. These patients get to do things that can violate others. Due to a lack of self-control, they act upon their thoughts.

If all of us pray every day, chances of getting such disorders will reduce automatically. These types of mental health conditions occur only when the stress in our brains reaches a point where things become unbearable.

4. Decreases Anxiety

One best way to treat anxiety is by indulging in physical activity. Since praying is a great physical activity, it plays a great role in treating anxiety. Besides this, praying along with mindfulness is beneficial in taking our mind to a relaxed world.

So, if we pray regularly, we will often experience these feelings of relaxation. Thus, chances of controlling our mental health condition will increase.

Prayers, a way of communicating to God, is considered as a feeling of comfort. When we pray, we develop an emotional attachment with the Creator. This feeling encourages us to pray often. But why is our mind telling us to pray? One big reason is the feeling of contentment.

So, when we feel relaxed, calm, and know a way of easing discomfort, anxiety levels automatically drop.

5. Improves Heart Health

Another key benefit of praying is related to heart health. The main cause of heart attacks is increased blood pressure. By curing this cause, we can reduce our chances of getting an attack. Thankfully, prayers help decrease blood pressure. The ultimate power of relaxation gained through prayers helps us reduce stress. Since stress reduction automatically decreases blood pressure, the chances of getting a heart attack reduce drastically.

6. Makes Us Social

When we pray, we actively take part in the spiritual activities of the community. It gives us a chance to meet people, share thoughts, and get unique ideas for leading a happy life. Besides this, we can work collectively for a good cause like helping the poor, providing shelter, cleaning society, etc. These things give us a sense of achievement, which plays a big role in our emotional well-being.

7. Boosts Post-Surgical Recovery

Unfortunately, recovery after surgery can sometimes become problematic if there is no willpower. Yes, if a patient is willing to cover early, drastic changes can come. Spirituality gives us the thought of standing up, recovering, and staying healthy. One big reason for this is the trust in God. When we pray, we gain the trust that God is there to help us. Thus, we get the strength to improve.

8. Gives Us Hope

Hardships and struggles are unavoidable, making our life miserable. But, many of us successfully cope up with these difficult times. A big percentage of these people are those who pray and believe in God.

A hopeless person, lying on the bed with no aims and objectives, will become sick in no time. However, if the person gets up for praying, hope will start building. In a few days, the person will feel like communicating with the Creator. It will enable the person to take steps for betterment, learn from the mistake, and improve with time.

This hope is everything that can make a huge change in our life. Without hope, our lives can become a big burden.

Wrapping It Up

In short, the health benefits of praying are countless. However, if we notice the key benefits, we can experience a reduction in stress, good heart health, and strength of hope. Besides this, praying also controls anxiety and makes us humble.

So, if you want to get all these health benefits, start praying today!

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