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7 Tips to Save Money on Upgrading Your Kitchen

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Smart tricks and decorative mini-projects can make your old kitchen a new one in a matter of hours or days. Complete kitchen repairs can be expensive and time-consuming, but simple kitchen repairs are more accessible than you think. Here are some easy ways to upgrade your kitchen without the high cost of a complete kitchen renovation, saving you time and budget. You may also check some personal travel blogs for various ideas of upgrading the kitchen in different cultures.

General recommendations about saving money on a kitchen design

Replace window curtains

Window design ideas should be carefully thought out as an essential part of the design of the entire kitchen. Install blinds, curtains, or simple light curtains. Still, always-new ones to solve privacy, home security, and control the amount of light entering your kitchen.

Open shelving

Open shelving is the perfect tool to personalize your kitchen and give it color and character. Strive to fill from a mixture of decorative and useful objects on the shelves – or even better – both.

Replace doors or handles on furniture

Instead of completely refitting, replacing doors and handles on kitchen cabinets is a super-affordable idea to repair a kitchen. Use the kitchen planning apps in the store to play with different colors and finishes and find the combination you like. Do not be afraid to mix, match, and go beyond harmonious design – be bold and seek bold changes to maximize the impact on furniture design.

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New chairs

For a cheap kitchen conversion, one of the simplest things is a new set of bar chairs near the island. Due to heavy traffic, they tend to show signs of wear and tear, unlike other chairs, so be sure to change furniture. Buy the best quality you can afford and think of soft chairs with sturdy construction that can withstand several re-upholstery changes.

Fewer facades reduce furniture costs

One of the most expensive elements of kitchen furniture is facades. If we refuse them, we will significantly reduce the purchase price. Open shelves carry charm. You need to take care of the order on them. More and more often, we refuse upper cabinets in the kitchen or use them only when necessary or small shelves.

It is an excellent way to save. However, what to do with the many accessories and additions that are needed in every kitchen. In this case, it is worth equipping the kitchen with a spacious cabinet on the entire wall with inexpensive mechanisms. If you still have little space, perhaps you should consider limiting the number of things that you store. Minimalism is still in demand as the purest and free from unnecessary elements style. For example, Spanish designers love minimalism in the whole house design. You may check the details onwell decorated kitchen different personal travel blogs.


Wall decoration

Painting walls, tiles, furniture – all this contributes to the fact that we can radically change the appearance of the kitchen inexpensively. Kitchen paints have such properties that the final effect will be long-lasting and not obsolete. In terms of costs, this choice also gets a significant advantage – the purchase price of the paint itself is the largest since most people can paint alone. There is also no need to invest in specialized equipment – all you need is a brush or roller.

Walls painted with paint are certainly a cheaper solution than any other wall covering. Ceramic tiles, glass, stone, or laminate on the wall are associated with higher costs for the purchase and installation. Painted walls are a cheap, practical, and aesthetic solution. In the case of wall decoration, we can try another affordable and effective trick. The wall stickers look like fashion tiles, even imitating precious stones very well.

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Stucco molding – a classic image of the kitchen

It is a cheap and straightforward way to make something in the interior stop being annoying and the same as everywhere else. Stucco molding is a typical decorative element. Still, it is worth paying attention to its low cost and the opportunities that it offers. It can be used to visually improve the proportion of the interior by dividing, for example, a long or high wall. This arrangement will make the interior seem much more enjoyable. The strips are glued with glue. Patience and skill are enough for the final effect of giving the impression of expensive and luxurious decorations.

Furniture update

Furniture repair is another step towards savings. Old furniture has its charm. Of course, this solution is not intended for lovers of the modern style, in which minimalism comes to the fore. You should combine it with a small number of items from the market. Nevertheless, you can do something exclusive with furniture, for example, to decorate the facades of the kitchen using the decoupage technique.

Kitchen textiles

Fabrics can effectively influence the colors of the interior, effectively isolate the layout, and usually give a sense of comfort and refinement to the last detail. This effect is also desirable in the kitchen, where we can successfully present impressive curtains, soft rugs, and even pillows or wall-mounted textile explications. It all depends on the style and our tastes. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly one of the cheapest ways to update the interior. Sometimes ordinary chair covers can improve the atmosphere of a room. Different countries have different traditional textiles for the kitchen, which you can check in personal travel blogs.

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7 Special tips for making your new kitchen unique

1. Use an extensive tile for the apron

Large-format tiles are an effective way to make a design statement. It is also practical – the larger the clay, the fewer the seams, the less chance of mold, and the easier it is to wash the tile. It is better to give preference to plain or textured, but not printed tiles and use a spectacular layout. Imitation of natural stone will also look very impressive.

2. Paint one wall with slate paint 

You get not only a magnificent color accent in the interior but also a place for creativity. It’s also a great way to remind family members of something, write a love message, or write down a shopping list.

3. Hang your collection on the wall

 If you collect beautiful trays or dishes, why not put expensive things into insight? Clocks of different sizes, shapes, and styles are another great idea for a kitchen wall. It is if they show time in different time zones, and you have relatives in other countries!

4. Tiles do not have to end with a smooth and dull edge

Give the wall a little boldness, leaving the sharp edges of the Christmas tree layout. It will look wonderful against a contrasting background – it will expressively outline the curved outline of the tile. This effect can be supported with textiles with zigzags and chevrons, as well as acute-angled decor.

5. Nail the hanger board

An ordinary board with attached hooks will take up very little space. Still, at the same time, it will help out in many situations – hang a towel, an apron, a potholder, or a bag of vegetables. On it, you can fix open baskets of metal mesh and hang kitchen utensils. Everything is in sight and easily accessible!

6. Use wallpaper on a wall inaccessible to water. 

Wallpaper is a straightforward way to create a new atmosphere in the room, considering how rich the range of patterns and prints is. The wallpaper will help make the kitchen a cozy and living room. In this case, you can decorate as an accent wall, or a simple decorative vertical or horizontal strip. Wallpaper with a colorful pattern will fit perfectly into space above the upper cabinets or highlight the dining room area.

7. Update the lighting

Lighting is just as crucial for the look of the kitchen space as for the functionality of your kitchen. Updating old fittings with new fashionable lighting designs will enhance the design of the entire kitchen.


The organization or repair of the kitchen entails high costs. However, there are ways to cut costs and enjoy aesthetic design. The cheap kitchen can be far from boring because creative people will undoubtedly find a place for a creative vision of such a space.

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