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Women Exfoliate

Stop Over Exfoliating if You Don’t Want to Suffer these Dangers

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Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and one of the most important. Therefore, you should pay special attention to it when engaging beauty processes. In our discussion, our beauty advisors at snappyessays.com will delve into the dangers of over exfoliating your skin.


Just like water, we all die without it the same way we die when we take too much of it into the system. Likewise, when you over exfoliate, you expose yourself to more dangers than benefits since soon, all the benefits you had gotten will be eliminated by new problems you did not foresee. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to excesses to reap the most out of your exfoliating processes.

Women Exfoliate


The first danger of over exfoliating your skin is tightness. When you cross the safe limits of this beauty routine, your skin looks stretched and taut.


The second danger of over exfoliating your skin is hypersensitivity. With this abuse, you will expose your skin to sensitivity such as light.

Destruction of Healthy Cells

Also, excess exfoliation will destroy will destroy healthy skin cells alongside the dead ones. This way, you end up with skin that is exposed to hostile environmental conditions.


Also, excess exfoliation exposes your skin to inflammation. With increased inflammation, your skin loses its protective barrier. Consequently, the destruction of the protective layer exposes your skin to infection from bacteria, fungus, and irritation.  Moreover, a damaged skin layer exposes your skin to premature ageing.

Scarring and Changed Skin Pigmentation

Another consequence of over exfoliating your skin is scarring. Also, your skin will lose its natural pigmentation that could either make your skin darker or lighter than usual.


A dry skin is a bad word every woman who values her beauty hates to hear. But despite how much you hate it, it will soon become your portion if you over exfoliate your skin. Moreover, this dryness causes your skin to lose its power to maintain moisture.


Puffy skin is another effect of over exfoliating your skin. With such a process, your skin will look swollen irrespective of whether you used chemicals or physical means.

A Shiny Forehead

Do you want your skin to become a public mirror? If you do, then try over exfoliating your skin. This excessive process makes your forehead shine like a mirror because light reflects on it easily.


Some people think that exfoliating their skin is the ultimate way of keeping off acne. But when you cross the line, you end up with the exact opposite since because it exposes you to the same acne. This way, you end up building with one hand while destroying with the other.

You are now up to date with the dangers of excess exfoliation. We hope that our coverage of these dangers will help you to avoid these dangers in your exfoliating processes.

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