How Investing in Synthetic Urine Can be Useful

Synthetic Urine
Synthetic Urine
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If you’ve never heard of synthetic urine, then we will tell you what it is and why you should consider investing in it. In simple terms, this type of urine is manufactured or made in a laboratory under special conditions. It is made to closely resemble the real human urine but does not have the human waste contained in human urine.

It has some organic and inorganic compounds such as uric, creatinine, chlorides and phosphates, and smells more or less like the real urine. You probably wouldn’t tell the difference if presented with samples of both the synthetic and human urine. Here is why it’s useful to invest in it.

Synthetic Urine

Use it For Drug Tests

You probably have had a few drug tests in your life if you have worked in different companies. If you haven’t, and you’re looking into getting into the corporate world, then you will at one time or another. When that time comes, you may want to ensure that your system is either clean or try and cheat your way out if it is not.

If you intend to use the latter method, then you might need to invest in quality synthetic urine. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between your real stuff, and the laboratory manufactured one. So, if you’re lucky to get an unsupervised test, then why not use it if you’ve been smoking some joints.


Can be a Beauty Product

We all want flawless and supple skin, especially the ladies. Men can keep it rough and tough. Anyway, specialists in the beauty industry recommend that you wash your face using urine to remove acne and kill harmful bacteria on your skin. However, using your own urine can be counterproductive considering that it already has some impurities that might harm your skin. Instead, you can substitute your urine with the laboratory manufactured one as it does not have any impurities. So, if you daring enough to brave the smell of urine, then go ahead and get this instead of using yours.


Use for Fun

Playing pranks on our friends can be exciting, especially when you see that surprised face and you are holding yourself together not to burst out laughing. If you like some naughty pranks, like having your friend or spouse think that they peed on themselves, then this is the product to use. It is hygienic and clean, so you will not be exposing your significant other to any possible infections. Ensure though, that you explain later since they probably get really mad at you.


Scientific Experiments

If you are a researcher and need urine that mirrors human urine less of the impurities, then you can buy this product. You will not be worried about exposing yourself, or your partners to possible infection. It is also an ideal product for medical students for use in their various experiments. Scientists also use it to calibrate lab machines to set them in the right working condition. There are more uses for this urine in and outside the lab, so these are just but a few.  

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