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Top 5 VPNs for Firestick in 2018

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There are only a couple of things more relaxing than turning on Netflix on a Saturday night and binge-watching your favourite show. That being said, not all of us will have an ultra-modern smart TV that lets direct streaming of content. However, one thing is for sure: Amazon Fire TV Stick has made streaming easier. All you have to do is plug it into the HDMI port, and you’re good to go!

Check for VPNs for Firestick Now!

Unfortunately, all of us have witnessed the plague of geo-restriction at one time or another.  This means that, for example, some US channels aren’t viewable in the UK and vice versa. We believe that there is a solution to everything, so despite that, you can overcome this issue by installing a VPN onto your Firestick.

This brings us to the commonly asked question: But how will a VPN help me?

You will be allowed to select any place and set it as your preferred location. It makes no sense to pay a subscription fee and still not be able to view the program or movie you wanted to watch. Therefore, VPN will quickly get rid of this unnecessary inconvenience.  

If you are as concerned about your privacy and absolutely hate scams, then VPN is there to protect you! Under normal conditions, the movies and shows you watch are stored as logs onto your Amazon Firestick. Now, this might be the critical information for any hacker to craft a more credible lie. 

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BEST VPNs for Firestick

After researching for countless hours, we have come up with the best VPNs for your Firestick. This goes without saying that to get the ultimate experience out of your Firestick, you will most definitely be needing a VPN. This list is, however, in no particular order.

1. ExpressVPN

New VPN providers are popping up quicker than one can keep track of. With that said, there are some brands that are so trustworthy that they will most likely be staying on the top for a long time. One of them is, without a doubt, ExpressVPN. Since this is based in the British Virgin Islands that have no data retention laws, it means that your logs won’t be stored on Firestick. You can choose from 94 different countries because ExpressVPN has more than 2000 servers distributed in these locations. You will be getting an unlimited bandwidth with awesome internet speed. To top it off, maximum security is provided by 256-bit AES encryption along with DNS/IPv6 leak protection with switch tunnelling and internet kill switch. Lastly, you know the VPN providers are at the top of the game because they are offering 30-days money back guarantee with their services!



Unlimited download

Slightly more expensive than other VPNs

24/7 customer support


30-days money back guarantee


256-bit encryption


Over 2000 servers in 94 countries


Awesome VPN internet speed


Control with the remote


2. NordVPN

For maximum security, NordVPN is one of your best options. There are many security protocols. The VPN goes through two separate VPN servers. You can do everything without ever logging into it. You can control the VPN through your iOS or Android device. One subscription allows six different devices to be made secure. The speed is great on shorter connections. You can give it a 3-day free trial to check if you would like to purchase it. However, if it is no longer your choice after 30 days, you can get a full refund of your money.



3-days free trials

Leaks were reported in MacOS IKEv2 app

No logs


Six different connections


Dedicated app


Amazing privacy


3. IPVanish

There aren’t many VPN providers who don’t lease their servers from third parties. So, when we came across IPVanish, we were excited! Since their network traffic is fully controlled by themselves, you get the fastest VPN internet speeds. They have a dedicated app for Amazon Firestick that has some of the best features, like automatic IP switching. IPVanish takes strict measures to ensure that your history is nowhere to be seen. Therefore, feel safe about your traffic, browsing, and connection history. You can use it on ten other devices, both iOs and Windows devices. There are over 1000 servers in over 60 countries, so you have plenty to choose from. The testing period lasts seven days with the full refund by the end if you’re not satisfied with the services.



24/7 Customer Service

Follow US privacy laws

Over 1000 servers in 60+ countries


Ten different connections


Unlimited bandwidth


4. PrivateVPN

One of the fastest growing VPN providers is PrivateVPN. You can choose from 57 different locations. In case you suddenly disconnect from the internet, IPv6 has your back. If, somehow, your VPN is disconnected, kill switch will immediately cut off the internet and, hence, save you from getting your identity stolen or misused. Since the providers follow the Swedish privacy laws, they are under no obligation to store your internet logs. It is safe to say that they are lost forever. One of the best features of PrivateVPN is the use of military grade 2048-bit encryption. This is the most secure encryption there is. Furthermore, it allows six different devices to connect. With PrivateVPN, you get a seven days free trial, and 30-days money back guarantee.



Military-grade encryption

Doesn’t unlock Netflix

Zero logs

Collects cookies

Servers in 57 countries


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 5. PureVPN

PureVPN is another great VPN provider with 256- bit encryption. Its security features include internet kill switch for maximum protection. They have their dedicated app with much functionality. You can connect to 5 different devices. In our list, PureVPN has the biggest geographical coverage; there are more than 2000 servers in 140 different countries. So, there are absolutely no geo-restrictions. You will be getting unlimited bandwidth. There is a 30-days money back guarantee, and the customer care is very friendly; if there is any trouble, you can have a live chat at any time of the day.



2000+ servers in 140 countries

Reported connection issues with some servers

Five different connections


256-bit encryption




Although there are many free VPNs out there, they might risk your security or bombard your device with viruses. Plus, there’s no need to waste money on a poorly performing VPN and, in the end, realise its services aren’t good enough.

A VPN is mostly safe and usually legal. However, we do advise you to stay away from downloading or torrenting copyrighted material or performing other illegal activities.

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