Top 6 video downloading applications that will make your day

Top 6 Video Downloading App
Top 6 Video Downloading App
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Catching networks everywhere from remote to local areas isn’t possible. Plus, in today’s pandemic situation where there is everything online, one can’t miss any single opportunity to give their best in their respective fields. And for that purpose, people can learn from the internet for job-based jobs.

Top 6 Video Downloading App

Other than the career-oriented bodies, one can entertain oneself with various movies, songs, and web series in their vacant time to fill the void. In this whole chronological order, the prime issue being the connection and pace of the internet at the proper time. To avoid this type of problem, we are here with the “Top 6 video downloading applications that will make your day!


1- YouTube: American online video-sharing app having the parent company as Google LCC since 2OO6. Ranked 2nd in the latest global survey in January this year, lakhs of videos are streamed daily with tonnes of varieties as per need. The videos are free to view though exceptions exist as YouTube premium, which is ad-free. You can know more about the Dailymotion video downloader with the help of 4Hub. From the research of February this year, about one million of contents are considered in a single day. Moreover, kids’ guidance being age-restricted. There are some adult contents but under strict regulations. 

2- Instagram reels: American photo and video sharing app owned by Facebook. Global rank being 28 and still enhancing, till July this year,  it provides a high privacy policy with hundreds of video and photo editing effects. One can binge to as many different genre videos as possible. Also, one can easily connect to their respective idols by Push notifications!

Knowledge Cum Academics

3- YouTube: Yes, you saw it right! YouTube is a combination of knowledge, entertainment, facts, academics, and many more. Millions of channels present with their methodologies and ideologies to teach the same topic in more than a hundred different ways. For this, a sub-section of YouTube,i.e., YouTube EDU, is provided for assessing over 5lakh educational videos from organizations like TED, Khan Academy, PBS, etc. The best thing is to download the respective videos and watch them at their convenience of time and level of understanding.

4- Unacademy: Indian online learning platform founded in 2O1O with headquarters in Bangalore, India. Over 12 thousand talented minds work together on thousands of students aspiring for different academic exams, including- NEET, JEE, or civil exams like UPSC or banking. Many honorable personalities have mentored the path of hope and light to students including, Pranab Mukherjee, 13th president of India, Virat Kohli, Indian cricketer, Kiran Bedi, Indian politician, and Lieutenant governor of Puducherry, etc. One can easily download from the vast library and learn something new every other moment. Unacademy Plus also provides a paid learning service.


5- Netflix: American subscription-based streaming service provider company with headquarters in California. It offers steaming of the library of movies and series, including those produced in-house. The idea of introducing customers’ allowance to download and play selected videos and films and showing while offline made the platform in headlines. Once registered, one can get the benefit of thousands of shows of their country and abroad.  

6- Amazon: American live – streaming platform with headquarters in Washington. It distributes downloads and streaming of video, music, and audiobooks through its Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Audible subsidiaries. Depending on the geographical location, a person can download a maximum of 15-25 video titles at once and be assessed for the next thirty days, from the day of its download. So, once subscribed, the person can enjoy the perks of watching the first-day first show online!

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