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Wall Color Effects on Personality

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Even though scientists don’t completely understand how there is a link between colors and or moods, it has been proven that colors do affect our moods. So, because the colors we choose to surround ourselves with affect how we think, feel, and act, we need to consider what color we are going to choose for our room color scheme. But not a lot of people know what colors influence their moods in what way. Here is how your wall color can affect your personality to help you choose the perfect room color that will fit your personality and kindle a positive feeling.

Wall Color Effects on Personality

Warm and Cool Colors

When you choose the wall color, you need to think about the most important thing: there is a mix of warm and cool colors.

Cool colors are located on the opposite side of the color wheel from the warm colors. Cool colors are those which have cool undertones and include blues, blue-greens, and purples. These types of colors have a very calming effect on people’s personalities. They are also great colors to use if you are looking to make your space appear and feel larger. As cool colors can make the room feel colder, they are best used in very sunny rooms. Keep in mind that cool colors don’t work best in rooms that don’t have a lot of natural lighting.

On the other side of the color wheel, you can find the warm colors. Those are colors that have warm undertones such as reds, yellows, and greens. These warm colors will make your room feel cozy and radiant. Warm colors are great for making large rooms feel more intimate, but they can easily make small rooms feel even smaller.

When it comes to neutral colors, which are technically only black, grey, and white, they can have a larger range of colors when decorating your home. That is because when you are painting your walls, colors like grays and blacks can have different undertones that typically fall under the two categories we have mentioned above.

Primary Colors

If not used correctly, primary colors evoke some pretty horrible feelings, so that is why they need to be used moderately. To create a mature ambiance, you will want to incorporate warm tones like mixing fiber and texture. One of the most popular ways of accomplishing a good yet not overwhelming look is by incorporating mosaic tiles.

Blues are known to soothe, relax and calm us. It is one of the most popular choices when it comes to bedroom colors. They can improve your focus and productivity levels, making it a great option for an office or a study area. Blue is also considered a very clean color, making it great for bathrooms and laundry rooms. But the catch with blues is that if you pick a too dark shade, it can provoke really sad and depressing feelings.

Red is usually associated with energy and passion. This color can instantly raise your energy levels. It has also been proven that it can increase your heart rate as well as blood pressure. If you are interested in pairing your walls a red shade, opt for more muted richer reds to get a softer and more elegant look. Red is a really popular dining room color because it stimulates hunger.

Yellow is the color known for making people cheerful, happy, and energetic, but what people don’t know is that if you choose the wrong shade, it can make you feel very anxious and exhausted. That is why you should always choose buttery soft yellows rather than bright ones. Soffit yellows are easy on your eyes, and they are very calming.

Choose the Right Ceiling Color

Something that everyone seems to neglect is the color of the ceiling. If you want your room to feel complete and promote some particular feeling, you should give it more than just a slab of white paint. If you want to get the impression of a higher ceiling, make sure that you are painting a lighter color than your walls.

That will make your room feel airier and more calming. Suppose you want to make your room cozier and den-like, then opt for darker shades. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t make your room feel claustrophobic and enclosed. Carefully choose your colors as dark walls make your room seem smaller while lighter ones will make it feel larger.

Color Can Influence Your Performance

As we have briefly mentioned before, colors can have an impact on your performances. Studies have shown that selling the color red can hurt your performance. While the color red is usually described by extending, it has been proven that some shades can have a negative impact on people and their performances.

Color Psychology as Therapy

There have been several ancient cultures like Chinese and Egyptians that have practiced chromotherapy, also known as colors, to heal.

Chromotherapy is also sometimes referred to as light therapy or colorology. What a lot of people don’t know is that it is still used as a holistic treatment. The color red is used to stimulate the mind and body as well as increase your circulation.

Orange is used to heal your body and increase your energy levels. Yellow is used to stimulate and purify your body, while cold colors like blue and indigo are used to soothe illnesses and alleviate skin issues.

What you need to realize is that wall color psychology is more than just pairing together pretty colors. The colors you choose for your walls can significantly influence your behavior, mood, productivity as well as your entire life. That is why you need to ensure that you have chosen a happy, positive color that will encourage good feelings. You should strive to be creating a space that brings out the very best of you and your family.

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Room Color and How it Affects Your Mood

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