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Incapsuala CDN Support

Which Bangladeshi Hosting Give Incapsula CDN Support?

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Incapsula is great. But lots of hosting company still does not know about it. Some companies know about it, but again, they are not still giving it as inbuilt hosting support.

Bangladesh Hosting Company Boss Host BD is giving full support to integrate incapsula with their shared hosting. They will provide you with the unparallel support to incorporate incapsula with your Cpanel Shared Hosting with all the necessary configuration needed for WordPress.


What is the benefit of using Incapsula CDN?

Obvious CDN means greater Speed. As the incapsula CDN is Nameserver based, you do not need to manually config the CDN with plugins on the WordPress end. Though it requires a simple one plugin the resolve the actual IP of the visitors. With paid Incapsula service you can get the higher security with Free DDoS Support.

To register an account with Incapsula Please Go Here:

Sign Up for 7 Days Trial Incapsula

If you want to know more about Incapsula Benefit, you can follow that link.

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Why Incapsula CDN Integration Needs Some Some Special Attention?

Incapsula CDN integration needs some particular attention. If you configure it wrong both at incapsula and hosting end, your site can be a disaster. So it needs some nerdy geek stuff to config it with 0% SEO HIT risk. Some of the clients still complain about mail incoming issue after configuration with Incapsula CDN.

Some Key Points you need to remember with Incapsula Hosting Integration

  • Free Incapsula account does not support SSL.
  • Free Incapsula will show a logo on the right sidebar as their promotion.
  • Cpanel Incapsula Integration should be at A name and Cname Level.
  • You need to config your Cache plugin to comply with incapsula
  • You need to reconfigure the Performance Tab config to meet with WordPress Caching Behaviour.
  • You need to resolve the actual IP of the visitors with Incapsula and Hosting End.
  • You need to config the whole mail operation of the server differently as Incapsula does not handle the emails.
  • You need Paid Account for the free protection of DDoS at Hardware Level.

Don’t Worry, Just If you are a Bangladeshi Client and need the smooth hosting service who can comply with 100% with Incapsula, don’t hesitate. Just go to Boss Host BD, they provide the best config support for Incapsula integration with your server.

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