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What Can you Expect in Windows Hosting

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Without a doubt, the idea of ​​a Windows server seems like a clear decision for any business. After all, the Microsoft Windows operating system is the most popular platform for home, small businesses, or for the use of the company daily.

Today, the “client” versions of Windows, including Windows XP and Windows 7 have about 82% of the total market, with alternative versions already available, including a versatile mobile edition and a specific server version intended to be used as part of a Windows web hosting plan.

While Linux currently stands as a market leader, the margin between the number of Linux hosting solutions and the best windows hosting services is decreasing day by day. While many Linux distributions are built from the base with hosting in mind, more and more companies are turning to the notoriety and reputation offered by Windows servers.

In this article, you will learn about the growth of Microsoft Windows and what to expect with Windows Server. Finally, this article will examine the key features to consider when searching for a Windows best web hosting provider.

The Growth Of Windows Web Servers


Long before Windows hosting became a possibility and long before the Internet became part of the business world – Windows 1.0 transforms the way computers are used. In 1981, the Chase Obispo computer scientist developed an interface that can display information in different boxes, with tiles across the screen. These ‘Windows’ became a fundamental element of almost every computer graphic user interface (GUI) that has followed. Although not strictly speaking as an operating system in these early stages, this versatile interface overgrew in popularity.

By 1993, Windows had secured the environment in the home and office, becoming the most popular and commonly used software in the world. However, the world was about to get bigger – the Internet was finally beginning to take over the house, becoming an integral part of everyday life.

Suddenly, there was a real need for a reliable network operating system that could handle the demands of remote traffic service while remaining sensitive. Microsoft responded with the release of Microsoft Windows NT. This variant, optimized for reliability, uptime, and software portability, was the birth of Windows servers.

Most of the Windows hosting plans that are available today use Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008, both of which are descendants of the Windows NT core. As a result, Windows web servers have versatility and robustness that rivals the capabilities of Linux and UNIX. Of course, it is not enough to reflect the features of Linux. Instead, Windows hosting has the potential to replace a counterpart for Linux in several different ways.

The Benefits of using a Windows Hosting

Although the popularity of Windows is generally said to be easy to use, it is the versatility of the operating system that has seen it grow to be an excellent option for Windows web hosting plans. Whichever version of Windows Server you choose, certain vital features will help ensure a user-friendly web presence with high performance.

First, Windows hosting takes pride in being developed to an incredibly high level. The Linux kernel is used as the center of many different versions of Linux, or distributions, and the quality of the design and coding of these distributions varies dramatically, with a potential impact on the overall system performance.

In the case of a Windows server, you can be sure that your operating system has been developed by full-time professionals and rigorously tested. This guarantees exceptional performance that maximizes the capabilities of your hardware.

Of course, achieving the best performance of your hardware depends on the right configuration and administration of your Windows web server – a process that can be intimidating for newbies who are signing up for their first web hosting solution.

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Windows is accompanied by comprehensive support documentation from Microsoft, which provides a quick way to get answers to common questions. Besides, the popularity of Windows translates into excellent support from the community, made freely available online through bulletin boards, forums, and websites related to hosting. Windows is not only an easy-to-use solution but there is also an impressive volume of support available if things become too complicated.

Finally, Windows web hosting stands out in the area of ​​compatibility. It is important to remember that Microsoft is not limited to making the world’s most popular operating system – they also produce some of the world’s most popular software. Windows servers are fully compatible with all standard Windows software such as FrontPage and Microsoft Access, as well as open-source software essential for web success.

While a Windows website hosting price allows you to make use of Windows-specific software along with PHP, MySQL, and Perl, a Linux web hosting service is unable to run Microsoft proprietary software.

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