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7 Problems to Face in Mobile App Development

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Recently, Mobile App Services are witnessing an extensive level of popularity. A wide majority of business owners are vouching to develop mobile applications for their business, or the strategy to develop a mobile application is their priority. Possessing knowledge about the issues faced in mobile app development and planning to eliminate them is extensively crucial.

In recent 3 years, about 1 million Mobile App Services have been put up on the iOS or Android app store. One could easily interpret the significance of mobile applications for a business house in the past 5 years.


The mobile application business was successful in making a place for itself in the top 10 start-ups vogue of 2016. Approximately 47% of the start-ups across the world developed mobile applications to market their brands and goods, in the initial 2 years of their functioning. There is no denying that developing a mobile application and getting approval from iOS or Android is not an easy task; it’s backed up with specific mobile app challenges. There must be various questions jumping into the minds of the business owner prior to stepping ahead for this setup.

A massive amount of research and studies are needed to be conducted to eliminate these Problems in the creation of Apps. There are different stages of the app development procedure, and users need to be highly attentive and clear about the business objectives to develop a successful mobile application.

Let us highlight 7 Mobile App Development Problems faced are:

  • Software Fragmentation

One of the challenges faced by Android developers is that Google launched a fresh edition of Android with a different new set of properties and improvements every year. But the pace at which the newly released editions of Android is accepted is extreme show.

For example, Android 6.0 Marshmallow is presently witnessing a higher share of the market in comparison to Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 8.0 Oreo. So, the builders have to aim at various editions of Android while building mobile applications. They find it hard to develop a claim with the same set of features for current as well as old versions of the Android operating system.

  • Device Fragmentation

Similar to other kinds of mobile Operating systems, Android is also an Open-source platform. It permits device producers to personalize and scale Android Operating mechanisms without any limitation. So, the hardware properties offered by different Android devices vary.

For example, the Android devices produced by specific Mobile App Development Company holds the fingerprint sensors, whereas, others do not support such a feature. Thus, an application builder is not able to develop an application that offers an outstanding user experience by inducing fingerprint sensor technology. They have to induce different features for different hardware on Android platforms.

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  • Lack of standard User Interface for Android platforms

Producers of hardware can personalize the stock Android Operating mechanism as per its specific requirements and plans. Moreover, they have the alternative to design a personalized user interface (UI) for the device, as Google does not offer a standard user interface (UI) for Android Operating systems. So, the user interfaces vary from one Android appliance to another. The difference in user interface restricts mobile application builders for Android App Development, which works efficiently on all devices. They can execute the user interface design codes of conduct suggested by Google to develop an appealing Android application. But the app builders have to discover methods to build an interactive layout and with using an application that functions appropriately on all devices.

  • Programming Language

Currently, a mobile application builder has the alternative to select from two different formal Android OS programming languages to develop Android applications are Kotlin and Java.

Java is a full-fledged programming language, and Kotlin is a contemporary programming language. Kotlin comprises properties that simplify the process of Android app development and application code management.

Android 8.0 Oreo as well as Android studio 3.0 functions properly on both programming languages. But a massive proportion of Android application development tools and frameworks still do not function with Kotlin. So, it’s difficult for mobile application developers to choose an ideal programming language for developing Android applications.

  • Seeking funds

Irrespective of having an outstanding application concept, it’s difficult to develop one most of the time, due to the lack of funds. Based on the type of application, the cost of building one ranges from $3,000 to $150,000.

Before visiting investors, there are different methods to acquire funds. Seek help from your friends and relatives, approach bank loans, and check out joint venture establishments that are willing to invest in such applications.

  • Managing with the screen Real Estate

Users possess to have various appliances with varied screen sizes. Developing apps for only the newly launched platform is not an option. So, the issue is to develop an app that can function on different devices. A massive proportion of mobile platforms has a different set of restrictions depending upon the size of the screen, Operating System needs, infused technology, the density of pixels, and much more.

Although it’s not just about devices, operating systems need to be accounted for as well. Android, Windows, and iOS are the chief operating system which has their personal user interface designs and objects. Hence, the errors must be fixed at every level.

  • Battery life vs Performance

Apart from infrastructure and design, the performance of the application and the consumption of batteries are also essential facets of mobile application development.

The app challenge is to develop a fully functional, error-free application, which functions at the least possible better.

Although, performance is only accounted as a building property and it should be handled in later designing stages. Moreover, different sets of users recognize the performance of the application in different ways and then steps in the issue of different devices. The application may run swiftly on newly released editions, but the majority of users may still be using older versions of devices.

A massive proportion of pictures or optical impacts, stuffing the cache, or utilizing collaborated sensors may restrict the performance of the application on older editions.

To wrap up

It’s obvious to face issues in Mobile App Development procedure while developing and launching them in the market; there exists a massive proportion of opponents. Funding is always the prime concern, and a successful application is the only goal.

As a business owner, you are required to aim for success irrespective of all the hurdles you face. If you desire to develop and take your business to the top, chop off your restrictions and function as per a definite plan. Until the above-stated issues are eliminated, they would impact the entire function and usage of your application. Most of the business houses have suffered as they were incapable of eliminating issues and could not deliver fresh properties to their clients.

Android and iOS applications development are gradually acquiring popularity in the worldwide market for offering its users high quality and appropriate app functions. The application developers of these platforms need to figure out an ideal method of meeting the issues faced in the process of app development that they offer versatile and premium quality of the application with the least possible investment.

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