How to Make Your WordPress Site Private?

WordPress Private
WordPress Private
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There are numerous reasons to keep WordPress site private. If you are using your website for commercial use or just sharing your views with people, most people often keep it public. Different search engines lead the audience towards your site, which will increase the popularity and lead to revenue generation.

How to keep your website private

Sometimes, you want to keep your blog private. Do you have any idea how you can do that? The answer emerges through which kind of privacy is required for your website. There is a different WordPress Development Company that can assist you in making your site private.

Reasons to keep your website private

Reasons to keep your website private

You might be thinking why there is a need to keep your website private. There are many reasons for the same. If you are a newbie, it is advisable to go for Custom WordPress Development, and they can customize your website according to your convenience. Let us discuss further!!

Let us take an example- You might be writing a diary in a blog format. You have no issue that your friends are reading it but wouldn’t want your manager to look at it. Am I Right?

Keeping your website can be beneficial if you are aiming to form a membership website along with the paid articles. With this, only the people who have paid the amount have access to see the content.

Some people use the website in the form of a development playground. With the private website, you can play with the fixed code. In this way, you want to have feared that an anonymous person would enter; you can go to HubSpot development services to take guidance.

Is WordPress Website hidden?

Is WordPress Website hidden?

The content is hidden, but it is not possible to make your website invisible—private means limiting access to the content for the specific users.

One must follow lots of roles as guided by WordPress Web Development. The role includes-

  • Editor: it includes editing your content, pages, and posts. Although, it prevents them from performing any of the technical things, i.e. installation of plug-ins. An editor can quickly check out the hidden content.
  • Author: As the word speaks, the author will create the content and also publish it. Furthermore, they can only have access to edit the content and can’t have a glance towards hidden content.
  • Contributor: The role of a contributor is the same as that of the author. The only difference is that they can’t publish the content.
  • Administrator: the person who has proper access over a website. It includes editing posts to that of the installation of plug-ins. They also have to check the private content.
  • Subscriber: subscribers can only have access to login to content and check out the content.

As editor and Administrator, both can look at your own content and select them wisely. These are the most critical roles; you can get in-depth information about them through custom WordPress Development Services.

How to activate a special feature on WordPress Website?

How to activate a special feature on WordPress Website?

Up till now, you must have known what “Private” is in WordPress. Now, let us talk about how you can keep the content private. If you are into this and don’t know how to take action, it is highly advisable to look for a custom WordPress Development, so that you don’t fall into a mess.

 WordPress Post- How to Keep it Private

The first option is to keep your individual content private.

Go to Dashboard on your WordPress and select “All Posts.” Go on the post which you want to edit and select “Quick Edit.” By going to the Edit option, you can also find the Visibility section.

You must focus on the point that the post above is being published, and for the new position, you need to check out the visibility section, which is on the right.

There are two ways; you can hide your post- a) Private and b) Protected by Password.

If you are facing any difficulty, let WordPress Web Development Company work for you.


If you want to keep it private, then only the editor and Administrator can check your content.

When you go on the Selection option, it would ask you whether you want to keep it Public or Private. Select a private option, and you are good to go. You can hire WordPress Development Company, and you can be set free from all the worries.

Password Protected

If you go with the password protection option, a new bar will pop up at the bottom and enter a password for your post. Consult any WordPress Development Services, if facing any queries.

After you have updated your password, select the update option. Indication of Password Protection will appear when the process is completed. Now, people who have the password can only check the post.

Private WordPress Website 

People might wonder who you can make your website private because there is no such built-in option to make your WordPress site private. WordPress Web Development can assist you in keeping your profile private.

Plug-ins are used to make your entire website private. You can check on different Web Development Services to install the plug-ins and make your site private.

If you are thinking of keeping your entire website private, then there is no way search engines can find your WordPress Website.

  1. Select on Plug-ins, and then choose “Add New.” Now, search for the private Plug-in install it and then activate it.
  2. The next step is to go on Settings > Private site.
  3. You can find the private site option below the head “Make Private Site” section.
  4. Go on, save changes, and your profile is set to Private.

You can also add other users so that they can also have access to your website. Connect them as Administrator.

Adding new users is not a tricky work; you just have to go to “Users” and click on the “Add New” option. This is not a risky work, but to be on a safer side, contact Custom WordPress Development Services for proper guidance if you are a newbie.

You have to set the role to the Administrator. Now, click on “Add New User” and your work is done.

That’s a Wrap!!

To make your website private is not a tricky part! Keep in mind that some people can check out your content, so assign the role carefully.

If you don’t have faith that you can manage it solely, then WordPress Web Development Company is there to assist. Now, don’t worry as you have a comprehensive guide to set your profile private.

Good Luck!!

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