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5 Apps to Help Students Study Better and Learn Faster

5 Study Apps to Help Students Study Better and Learn Faster

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Nothing makes a parent more proud than seeing their children succeed in their exams. As much as teachers and lecturers have their part to play in the success of students, so do parents. They need to keep their kids on toes especially during the holidays. It even gets more crucial during the examination periods. Get your child a home tutor to help them with their revisions. If you are a parent wondering how to give your son or daughter the best, or a student looking for a solution to better study, this article is for you.

5 Apps to Help Students Study Better and Learn Faster

Modern day technology has made everything so easy. There are various educational mobile apps designed just to help students study better and learn faster. They include the following;

5 Best Educational Mobile Apps

This is a free application on play store. For you to succeed in anything in life there is need to plan. This app does just that. It helps students plan their study and exam schedule. The best part about this application is that it syncs across all your Android devices and you only need to key in a task once. And you do not need an iPhone to access it. It has settings to automatically put your device in silent during exams. Its a very useful planner apps for college students. Time management is very crucial for students. So this kind of time management apps for college students is very handy.


Coursera.org is one of the best study apps. The education site allows students to sign up and study at their own pace. Whether you are using an android device or an iPhone the app is compatible with your device. You only need to download it. It has topmost revision guidelines and study materials since it has partnerships with many top colleges. It also offers students online courses and a chance to get scholarships. They have some different kinds of study apps for students.


This is the best application for taking notes. Most lecturers advise you to take notes and summaries while you study. Do you ever feel like typing takes too much of your time? Well, this app is here to save you. It understands several languages. Whether you write short forms or initials, this app is designed to interpret and fill up the words for you. It also helps you to insert a PDF file of a certain topic form the net. You do not have to type the entire paragraph. This app also allows you to sketch diagrams and insert equations if you are studying math. With the app, you do not have to worry about losing content because it has the backup option.


Are you doing a project and having problems with citing your work? Or are you doing a certain assignment and having trouble formatting your content in either APA or the required format? Look no more. Cite this for me only needs to scan a textbook’s bar-code to create all the citations of the article or project you just worked on. It is also free.


Are you learning a new language? It does not matter whether you are using an android phone or an iOS. This app helps you learn many foreign languages by using the game trick. Don’t we all love playing games rather than studying? This application gives you the opportunity to play a game while learning at the same time.


If you are a student, take advantage of this!

We will try to provide some extra education apps for windows, in our next article. Most of the Windows app for education is not free. We need to research about free education apps for Windows.

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