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The Best 5 Dressing Tables for Small Space

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Most females would need a dressing table, even the kids. There are more and more kid makeup tables on sale in the furniture market. However, not all makeup vanities fit your room, and you need to think about many elements, especially for the small space. To search for the best dressing table for your small bedroom, continue reading this post.

What is the best dressing table? Someone would say the makeup vanity with the most recommendations is the best, and some may think the best colorful vanity is the best. Actually, there is no exact answer. The most suitable one for you is the best. Now, come to check how to select the best dressing tables for small spaces.

How to choose the best dressing table?

Those tips below should be considered for selecting the most suitable dressing table:

  1. Ensure that the dressing table fits perfectly in your bedroom. The style and size are the must-think factors. Select modern, luxury, or minimalist style for your home decoration and choose a certain size according to your rooms’ area.
  2. Whether you need to tidy up the cosmetics in hidden storage or place all of them on the tabletop, make sure which way would meet your habit.
  3. The material consideration is also important since it will influence the stability, durability, and even health, for example, stone tabletop, wooden body, metal legs, E1/E0-grade boards.
  4. Besides, the accessories may also make it practical and satisfying: with or without a mirror, LED light, drawers, side cabinet.

Top 5 Small Dressing Tables in 2021

Top 1. 43″ Quarto Oval Wooden Makeup Vanity Set

If you leave enough space for a dressing table, this retractable and reversible makeup vanity must fit different sizes of your room.

SpecificationBest for Modern or Mild-Luxury style
Colour: Green, Black, White
Material: Carbon Steel, MDF, Glass
Dimensions: 43.31″L x 17.71″W x 29.53″H
Why Buy-Can be adjusted for different sizes, and the cabinet can be placed on the left or right;
-Ample storing space;
-With LED mirror;
-Fit many home decor styles.

Top 2. 16″ Auburn Flip-top Makeup Vanity Set with Stool

This small makeup vanity set is highly recommended since it comes with leather upholstery, a flip-top mirror, and a delicate stool, which fits any decoration style. Only 16 inches, it is very suitable for narrow space.

SpecificationBest for Modern, Simple, Mild-Luxury style
Colour: White, Pink, Green
Material: MDF, Stainless Steel, Velvet Jewelry Drawer Organizer
Dimensions: 15.75″L x 18.90″W x 31.50″H
Why Buy-Perfect for the small bedroom;
-Multifunctional and movable (used as a dressing table, nightstand, side table, etc.);
-With lift-top mirror;
-Different colors for different home decor styles; -Affordable.

Top 3. 39″ Ivan Corner Dressing Table with Cabinet

This space-saving dressing table is very smart. It can be placed on the corner, and the LED mirror can be rotated by 360 degrees. The drawer and slide cabinet can store lots of items.

SpecificationBest for Modern, Minimalist style
Colour: White
Material: MDF, Metal Feet, Wood
Dimensions: 38.58″W x 25.79″D x 30.12″H
Why Buy-Perfect for small space;
-Multifunctional (used as an office desk, dressing table.);
-With 360-degree rotatable LED mirror and USB ports;
-Multiple storages.

Top 4. 23″ Flavio Wood Wall-mounted Dressing Table

Don’t miss this small dressing table with a mirror for an extremely narrow bedroom. It can be mounted to the wall anywhere to save space. The inside storage, built-in mirror, and flip-down tabletop are good for making up.

SpecificationBest for Modern, Minimalist, Wooden style
Colour: Wood
Material: MDF, Metal, Glass
Dimensions: 23.64″W x 9.84″D x 25.59″H
Why Buy-Wall-mounted design is perfect for narrow space;
-With built-in removable mirror;
-Easy to install; -Affordable.

Top 5. Grant Multifunctional Makeup Vanity Set

This white & wood makeup vanity set with stool contains a flip-top mirror and slide-out cabinet, which can also be used as a nightstand. The stool with two drawers also can store plenty of items.

SpecificationBest for Modern, Minimalist, Wooden style
Colour: Wood
Material: MDF, Solid Wood
Dimensions: 22.24″L x 19.09″W x 34.45″H
Why Buy-Spacious storage space;
-Fits well into the small bedroom;

That feminine dressing table and stool set are featured selections for the small space in 2021. With the elegant dressing table, you will enjoy making up at home and tidying up your cosmetics. If you have any other nice-looking makeup vanities for a narrow bedroom, please share them with us.

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